10+ Funny Tweets About The BLACKPINK Hiatus To Help You Laugh Through The Pain

It’s been almost a year since BLACKPINK’s last comeback.

“Kill This Love” dropped on April 5 2019, and with April 2020 just around the corner, BLACKPINK is about to hit a whole year without a comeback. Sometimes they only way to get through the pain is to laugh—and these 10+ funny tweets will definitely help.

1. Party through the tears

2. Someone actually did it

3. He’ll see Rosé in court

4. It hurts because it’s true

5. Name it Blinkie

6. Remember to wash your hands!

7. The only thing they’re lacking

8. Practice social distancing!

9. Might as well use this time wisely

10. They had us in the first half

11. They just can’t stop breaking records