10 Hit Songs By YG Entertainment Producer Future Bounce You Need To Know Now

Which is your favorite?

YG Entertainment is known for producing high quality songs, and Future Bounce is one of their most popular song makers. A duo made up of P.K. and Dee.P, they have worked with artists like WINNER, iKON, and BLACKPINK.

Many chart-topping hits can be attributed to them. Without further ado, check out some of Future Bounce’s best songs below!

1. iKON – Airplane

Music with B.I

2. iKON – Dumb & Dumber

Music with B.I

3. BLACKPINK – Forever Young

Music with Teddy

4. WINNER – Love Me, Love Me

Music with Yoon and Mino

5. WINNER – Island

Music with Yoon and Bekuh BOOM

6. iKON – Goodbye Road

Music with B.I. and Bekuh BOOM

7. iKON – I’m OK

Music with B.I

8. BLACKPINK – Whistle

Music with Teddy

9. MINO – Fiancé

Music with Mino and Texu

10. TREASURE – Going Crazy