10+ Hot AF MAMAMOO Gifs You Should Never Show To Your Parents…Or Open At Work

…unless you want your phones to be taken, of course.

When you think of girl group MAMAMOO‘s image, the first thing that comes into your mind may be “cute”, “powerful voices” or “adorable, talented women” since they’ve been known as a “beagle group” for a while.

Most of the time, they love to laugh and joke around.

When the need to express their sexiness comes, though, you know these girls can deliver.

Here are 10+ moments when MAMAMOO showed their sexy sides — make sure no one’s checking up on you while you’re watching these, okay?

1. With a flower in her hair and a pole in her hand, Solar’s raw appeal shines through

What’s also appealing about this is the fact that she’s practiced for this special performance — stan a dedicated queen!

2. If you’re looking for Wheein’s dimples…

…they’re definitely not the main attraction during this moment.

3. Girl can prove she can rock it

Hwasa‘s love for Rihanna shines through in this specific dance move.

4. If you listen hard enough…

…you can hear Moonbyul telling Solar to cover up her outfit.

5. The way Hwasa adjusts her clothes scream confidence

She’s unapologetically being herself, and she doesn’t care who sees it.

6. Is this heaven?

Or is it the opposite, knowing that you can’t watch a MAMAMOO concert live right now?

7. A moment of silence for all the women who Moonbyul has impregnated

Call +841+111-ME-TOO-FAKE-NUMBER to ask for future child support.

8. If you’ve looked at this one for more than 5 seconds…

…you’re not alone. Trust us.

9. Hwasa may be playing a bad character, but she’s really good at what she does

With her hips, she can give Shakira a run for her money!

10. Slow, smooth and sexy — like Wheein’s fluid dance

You can really see Wheein’s dancer nature shine through when she does this part of the choreography.

11. The lip bite was already too much…

…so why did she have to put her tongue out, too?

12. It’s ironic that Solar is wearing white

She’s showing off her naughty side while performing, after all.

13. This is proof that Hwasa is a born diva

Meet Hwasa: twerking since 1995.