10+ Iconic GIFs Of Red Velvet’s Joy That Will Convince You That She Just Gets Lovelier With Time

Happy Birthday, Joy!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is celebrating her 25th birthday (Korean age) this September 3!

To celebrate her special day, here are 10+ GIFs of Joy’s gorgeous beauty that prove she only gets lovelier and lovelier as the years go by!

1. Debut era Joy was a whole cutie!


2. But now, she’s grown up into such a gorgeous woman!


3. Her visuals have gotten more and more ethereal!


4. Joy is such a visual queen!


5. Everything about her is so endearing!


6. She has such a bright smile!


7. She’s Red Velvet’s “Sexy Dynamite” Joy!


8. Her proportions are so unreal!


9. Her charisma is off the charts!


10. Joy in this red dress was a cultural reset!

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