10 Iconic Idol Award Show Reactions To Other Idols, Chosen By Fans

“I miss this sooooo much!”

Due to necessary safety measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many live music events have been cancelled or moved entirely online.

While fans can still enjoy watching their favorite groups perform through virtual shows, many miss the group interactions that can only happen during in-person award shows!

BTS’s Jin (white jacket) makes TWICE’s Nayeon (rabbit ears headband) laugh during 2018 KBS Song Festival. 

In a post titled “I miss kpop idols reacting to other kpop idols’ performances at award shows! :(,” Reddit user Flimsy_Wind9232 said they love seeing idols sing and dance along to other idols’ performances.

Here is a list of 10 idol reactions to other idols that people have been rewatching to fill the void!

1. IZ*ONE reacting to TWICE

IZ*ONE reacting to Twice at MAMA.

Girl group IZ*ONE have shown their love for TWICE many times. This moment where they danced along to “YES or YES” is a fan-favorite!

2. IZ*ONE reacting to Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar pole-danced as part of MAMAMOO’s 2018 MAMA performance. 

Fans also found their stunned reaction to MAMAMOO Solar’s pole-dancing to be hilariously relatable!

3. SEVENTEEN reacting to NCT 127

SEVENTEEN dancing along to NCT 127’s “Firetruck.”

SEVENTEEN definitely showed their  appreciation for NCT 127’s debut song “Firetruck” when they started dancing in their seats! Fans loved seeing them enjoy themselves during this award show.

4. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon reacting to NCT 127

Monsta X’s Jooheon (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Vernon (right) watching NCT 127 perform.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon particularly made fans laugh with his expressive reaction to NCT 127’s song “Cherry Bomb!”

5. Stray Kids’ Han reacting to MAMAMOO

Stray Kids’ Han watching MAMAMOO perform. 

Stray Kids’ Han gave fans some relatable content when he appeared incredibly moved and impressed by MAMAMOO’s performance.

The rapper also got hyped up during the group’s set!

6. BTS reacting to ATEEZ

BTS were pleasantly surprised when ATEEZ covered their song “Blood, Sweat & Tears” during MAMA 2019!

BTS watching ATEEZ perform “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

Jungkook appeared on screen during the performance and smiled while vibing with the performance.

Jungkook watching ATEEZ.

7. BTS reacting to TXT

BTS also got to see their labelmates TXT perform that day! They cheered for the group and even danced along to the performance.

From left to right: Suga, Jungkook, RM, Jin, V, Jimin, J-Hope. 

8. TXT and ATEEZ reacting to BTS

On the other side of things, ATEEZ and TXT both had tons of fun during BTS’s performance!

The groups did some of the choreography in their seats and rapped along to Jungkook’s rap verse in “We Are Bulletproof: PT. 2.”

TXT (left) and ATEEZ (right) watching BTS.


They cheered along with the crowd for the iconic hat trick done by Jimin and Jungkook!

Fans loved seeing TXT and ATEEZ react to their senior group!



9. G-Dragon (Big Bang) Reacting To Troublemaker

Throwing it back to 2013, HyunA and Hyunseung‘s famous kiss at the end of their Troublemaker performance will go down in history. Fans said they love watching idols’ reactions to this moment, especially G-Dragon’s!

G-Dragon’s reaction to Troublemaker.

10. Jackson Wang reacting to Hwasa (MAMAMOO) and Park Jin Young

Last but not least is Jackson’s reaction to Hwasa and Park Jin Young’s performance for “Don’t Leave Me.” Fans were obsessed with the way the camera cut from the duo onstage to Jackson’s shocked face!

Jackson’s reaction to Hwasa (green hair) and Park Jin Young. 

Bonus: Other idols’ reactions to Jackson’s reaction

Not only were fans dying of laughter over Jackson’s reaction, but even other idols were amused!

JYP Entertainment‘s ITZY burst into laughter when they saw Jackson’s face pop up on-screen!

ITZY’s reaction to Jackson.

ATEEZ also couldn’t help but laugh along!

BTS couldn’t keep it together when they saw Jackson’s reaction!

Even the other GOT7 members cracked up seeing Jackson’s stunned expression!

Top row, from left to right: Jinyoung, Youngjae, Jay B, Yugyeom.

Fans wish everyone can remain healthy and safe, and are waiting for the day in-person award shows can start up again so we can get more iconic moments like these!


Source: Reddit