10 Iconic ISAC Moments Every K-Pop Fan Must See

Olympics who? We only know the Idol Star Athletic Championships! 🤩

While each Olympics are few and far between, K-Pop stans are lucky because they have the privilege of watching their faves go head-to-head at the Idol Star Athletic Championships not once, but twice per year!

Each tournament is a weekend of fun, where idols get to mingle with their friends from other groups and make memories that will last forever.

So, let’s take a look at 10 iconic ISAC moments that every K-Pop fan should see:

1. When EXO’s Sehun Did A Double Take

In 2017, EXO‘s Sehun made a little mistake that would end up becoming one of the most popular K-Pop memes of all time! While having a quick chat with NCT‘s Johnny, he turned around for a few seconds before walking back to continue his conversation with the long-haired fellow. This normally wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, except it wasn’t actually Johnny the second time around – it was Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN!

2. When BTS Had A Comeback Victory

Back in 2016, nobody knew how big BTS was going to become. Similarly, the MCs of ISAC didn’t even acknowledge them until they had an upset victory against their seniors in the 400m relay with Jungkook completely blowing away the competition at the last second!

3. When TWICE’s Tzuyu Was Mistaken For An Olympian

TWICE‘s Tzuyu has always been admired for her beauty and grace both onstage and off. However, this year she became a global sensation for her incredible archery skills after an old video from ISAC went viral in Brazil which claimed she was representing Taiwan in the Olympics!

| @racketgirl/Twitter

4. When BTOB’s Eunkwang Was A Horse

One of the most hilarious clips to ever come out of these championships would have to be BTOB‘s Eunkwang dashing in like the majestic steed he is! This costume caught the eye of practically everyone in attendance – even BTS’s Jimin wanted a piece of the action!

5. When Red Velvet’s Irene Won Everyone Chicken

Red Velvet‘s Irene is another female idol who could easily partake in the Hunger Games with her amazing archery abilities. After hitting yet another bullseye, she won the ultimate prize of chicken, causing the rest of the crowd to erupt in cheers!

6. When THE BOYZ Were Literally Spiderman

During their first appearance at ISAC, THE BOYZ knew they had to arrive in style. So, they came dressed up in some sparkly spidey-suits and backflipped their way to a medal!

7. When EXID Celebrated Like *THIS*

Every group gets excited when they do well at ISAC, but EXID‘s celebratory dance was something nobody could ever have expected!

8. When Stray Kids Made A Cuddle Train

When Bang Chan represented Stray Kids in soccer, the rest of the group made one of the cutest displays of cheerleading by hyping him up while sitting in a cuddle train!

9. When MONSTA X’s Joohoney Danced With Cheese Balls

We can probably assume that MONSTA X‘s Joohoney was quite popular among his idol friends when he pulled up to ISAC with a giant (shareable!) container of cheese balls – and just look at his smooth moves!

10. When SEVENTEEN Showed Off Their Vernon Phone Cases

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon went viral online after he paired his bright yellow beanie with some teeny-tiny sunglasses, but the rest of the group cemented his status as the ultimate memelord when they all held up these matching phone cases during ISAC!

Let us know which ISAC moment is your favorite!


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