10 Iconic K-Drama OSTs All Hardcore Fans Have In Their Playlist

Almost everyone recognizes the lyrics “almost paradise!”.

Korean dramas can be known for multiple things, whether it be the characters being played, the actors portraying the characters, the plot, the kiss scenes, etc. One thing that also makes Korean dramas so great is the OSTs that add to the overall emotion and feel of the drama. Here are some of the most iconic Korean drama OST that most would be familiar with.

1. “Paradise” by T-MAX (Boys Over Flowers)

This might the most iconic OST because I think almost everyone just recognizes those first few words of “Almost paradise!”. Also, this drama was extremely popular and started a trend of the Korean flower boy concept.



2. “Dream High” by JOO, Ok Taecyeon, Suzy, Kim Soohyun, and Jang Wooyoung (Dream High)

This OST is quite iconic because it was the theme song of an iconic drama that was lots of young people’s first Korean drama. With the amount of K-Pop idols in this drama, it’s no wonder that this song and drama would be popular.



3. “That Woman” by Baek Jiyoung (Secret Garden)

Many recognize Baek Jiyoung as the queen of OST due to her emotional and great singing. Add to that an iconic drama like Secret Garden, it’s a recipe for success.



4. “Losing My Mind” by Lee Seunggi (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho) 

This song was sung by the male lead of this drama Lee Seunggi. The song gives an exciting and uplifting vibe, which helps add to the romance in the drama.



5. “Always” by Yoon Mirae (Descendants Of The Sun)

An iconic OST for an iconic drama. Descendants Of The Sun was incredibly popular when it aired due to its star cast and romance story, which honestly could have been a bit cheesy at times. Honestly, a lot of the songs in this drama could have been included, but “Always” is the emotional one that kicks off the drama, so it’s the one here.



6. “All For You” by Jung Eunji & Seo Inguk (Reply 1997)

This song is sung by both the male and female lead of the drama, so it adds that special element when it’s played. It’s just one that makes you feel happy with joy and the beauty of early love.


7. “Stay With Me” by Chanyeol and Punch (Goblin)

This song like most, if not all, entries on this list was played on a popular drama, in this case, it was Goblin. The song helps give a mysterious feeling to the drama, which helps add to some of the sadness this drama portrays.



8. “My Destiny” by Lyn (My Love From The Star)

My Love From The Star is probably one of those dramas that people watch as their first drama because of its unique plot, cast, and popularity. The romance of this drama is one of its strong points and this song just adds a romantic boost to everything.



9. “You’ve Fallen For Me” by Yonghwa (Heartstrings)

This exciting song by the male lead of the drama, Yonghwa, helps add elation to the unique love relationship between the leads.



10. “Suddenly” by Kim Bokyung (City Hunter)

What can be said about this OST and drama that hasn’t been said already, a great drama and a song that adds to the overall elements of the drama? “Suddenly” adds to the mysterious and action-packed components of the drama, which helps add drama/suspense.