10 Iconic Moments From ENHYPEN’s “EN-O’CLOCK” Episode 9 That Everyone Should See

Things get crazy when ENHYPEN plays sports!

On August 5, the ninth episode of EN-O’CLOCK was uploaded to the official ENHYPEN YouTube channel. This time the main theme was “Lively Chef Sports Day” and the boys were separated into two teams to compete for a special dinner menu!

Because there were so many hilarious interactions between the members throughout the 30 minute broadcast, we’ve made a list of some of the most iconic moments:

1. When ENHYPEN Made A Water Break Look Like A Photoshoot

Many ENGENEs have mentioned that the EN-O’CLOCK editor deserves a raise already, and this clip only proves their point even more! The ENHYPEN members look stunning even when doing something as simple as drinking water.

2. When Jake’s Perfect English Was His Downfall

Jake may be the most fluent in English out of all of the members, but for this challenge it was more of a curse than a blessing! When the rules were changed so that whoever spoke any English would receive a penalty, Jake’s habitual word drops unfortunately (but also hilariously!) put his team at a disadvantage.

3. When Sunghoon Made An Epic Save… With His Head

Things seem to get pretty wild when ENHYPEN plays soccer, and poor Sunghoon‘s fast reflexes automatically kicked in, causing him to dive after the ball with his head! Although that bonk looked like it would probably hurt quite a bit, Sunghoon seemed fine as he laughed along with the rest of the members while being hugged by Ni-Ki!

4. When Heeseung Proved (One Again) He’s An Ace

Heeseung has been known as the group’s ace even back in his trainee days on I-LAND, and it seems like that title holds true for more than just singing and dancing! His soccer skills are definitely impressive!

5. When Jay Was A Frustrated Referee

As Jay was the referee for a good part of the day, it only makes sense that he’d be absolutely done with ENHYPEN’s shenanigans, and he funnily threw the scoreboard away after the rest of the members just couldn’t stop speaking in English!

6. When Ni-Ki’s Gun Was Born

While the rest of the group was building their tents, Ni-Ki noticed a cool gun toy on the ground. Even though Heeseung didn’t seem to approve, Sunoo thought the gun looked pretty fun and told Ni-Ki to open it! He happily obliged, saying “If I get in trouble, I’ll say it was your idea,” and Sunoo was totally okay with that!

7. When Jungwon Had The Smoothest Moves

Jungwon also has a natural aptitude for soccer, utilizing his knees to make a crazy steal! Even though the ball ended up going out of bounds, he could easily be a monster on the field if he put his mind to it.

8. When Sunoo Made This Amazing Serve

Sunoo’s confidence may have wavered when Heeseung gave him a turn to serve the ball, but that didn’t stop him from making the ball soar! Even his fellow members were wowed!

9. When Jakehoon Had The Cutest Celebration Ever

For your daily dose of Jakehoon, we’d like to highlight this adorable hug between the two when they celebrated together on the field! After Jake fell onto the ground, Sunghoon flopped right on top of him to give the boy a squeeze.

10. When ENHYPEN Was Blessed By The “God of Wind”

ENHYPEN was super excited because a large drone camera flew right above them, serving not only as a filming device but also unintentionally functioning as a fan! Jay was so happy that he even called it the drone a “God of Wind”!

You can watch the entire episode right here: