10 Iconic Songs That Would Sound Strange If A Different Group Sang It

Can you imagine your favorite song sung by a different group?

Every idol group has an image. They typically promote new music with a new concept each time, but their image often stays the same. For example, Dreamcatcher has a dark, fantasy image, or EXO has a very powerful image. While the concept could change, fans often think of these images first when they think of a group.

Because these images exist, some songs would probably sound very weird if they were switched between groups. Netizens have recently voted on songs that aren’t suited for certain boy groups on the forum website, theqoo. Here are the results!

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10. EXO – “Replay” by SHINee (144 votes)

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EXO and SHINee have actually commingled quite a lot over the years, being from the same company. EXO has a variety of genres but is usually known for their powerful songs. Perhaps it’s just too iconic of a song for netizens to see anyone else singing it…

9. Stray Kids – “The 7th Sense” by NCT U (151 votes)

Stray Kids has become well-known for their high energy and hard beats. While they could most likely pull off a song as smooth and bassy as “The 7th Sense,” many have gotten quite used to their lively music.

8. VERIVERY – “Back Door” by Stray Kids (307 votes)

VERIVERY has many slower-paced songs that are extremely different from the arguably most energetic and fast-paced K-Pop song, “Back Door.” It would be interesting to see them perform this, but also unexpected.

7. ASTRO – “Just Do It” by BBS (SEVENTEEN) (314 votes)

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It’s hard to describe why this wouldn’t work… it just feels weird. SEVENTEEN has often experimented with peppy, retro-esque tunes, which feels more like a “Breathless” era song for ASTRO. The ASTRO image now would be a little odd with the SEVENTEEN image.

6. CRAVITY – “Shoot Out” by MONSTA X (335 votes)

Honestly… we’d like to see this. While it is somewhat off-brand, it probably wouldn’t be half bad.

5. TXT – “Kick It” by NCT 127 (657 votes)

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This one had netizens howling. “Kick It” is so rough and tough with heavy beats, while TXT has a signature soft, fun vibe. Maybe one day TXT will have a “tough” concept, but for right now, “Kick It” is completely strange for them.

4. NCT DREAM – “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids (692 votes)

Even though NCT DREAM has gotten darker with their music lately, their image continues to be “youthful boyish charm.” “God’s Menu,” while amazing, would be extremely jarring to NCT DREAM.

3. NCT 127 – “CROWN” by TXT (770 votes)

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Although NCT 127 has dabbled in softer vibes such as “TOUCH,” “CROWN” would be weird when in the sub-groups image. Perhaps NCT DREAM?

2. Super M – “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” by TXT (864 votes)

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Super M has become known as the supergroup that makes music to get a stadium going. This poppy, fun, youthful song would be quite strange in the hands of a group with such powerful, aggressive moves.

1. MONSTA X – “Chewing Gum” by NCT DREAM (2,458 votes)

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How could this not win? MONSTA X’s sexy, manly appeal has become infamous, and sexy does not go with a youthful, colorful sleepover concept.

Finally, we present to you, MONSTA DREAM.

Source: theqoo