10 Iconic Sub-units That K-Pop Fans Will Always Love

These sub-units are some of the best things the world has given K-Pop fans!

The formation of sub-units is a common practice for K-Pop groups. It allows the idols to explore their own music style within that sub-unit, and gives them an opportunity to grow as artists. There have been multiple sub-units formed since the beginning of K-Pop, and here are some, of the many, that fans will always love!


EXO-CBX, comprised of ChenBaekhyun, and Xiumin, is EXO‘s first sub-unit of the group. They made their debut in 2016 with “Hey Mama!” They made their latest Korean comeback with “Blooming Days” in 2018.

2. LOONA yyxy

yyxy is a sub-unit from LOONA which includes members Yves, GowonChuu, and Olivia Hye. The sub-unit name, yyxy, stands for “youth youth by young” which they mention in their introduction. yyxy is the last sub unit that made a debut under LOONA, following LOONA 1/3, and Odd Eye Circle, respectively.

3. Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel is the first sub-unit group under After School which was formed in 2010. After School’s third generation members NanaLizzy, and Raina were the members of the sub-unit.

4. GOT7’s JJ Project

JJ Project is a duo made up of GOT7‘s Jinyoung and JB. They made their debut with “Bounce” in 2012, and eventually joined GOT7 and made their debut in 2014. They continue to release music together until today.

5. BooSeokSoon

Comprised of SEVENTEEN‘s funniest members, and famous among CARATs for being the group’s gag trio, HoshiDK, and Seungkwan finally come together to debut as a unit under the name BooSeokSoon, also known as BSS, derived from the members’ real names. They made their debut in March of 2018 with a single “Just Do It.”

6. Triple H

Triple H consisting of HyunaDAWN, and PENTAGON‘s Hui and made their debut in 2017. After releasing two mini albums, the group disbanded after both Hyuna and DAWN decided to leave the entertainment agency as a result of their dating announcement.


VIXX LR is the first sub-unit to debut under VIXX. Comprised of the group’s main vocalist, Leo and main rapper, Ravi, the sub-unit made their debut in 2015 with their first mini album Beautiful Liar.

8. NCT U

A sub-unit with no fixed members, NCT U is a sub unit that can have a mix and match of members per different song. The members of the unit must of course, come from the rest of the NCT members. They made their debut in 2016 with  “The 7th Sense,” and “WITHOUT YOU.”


PRISTIN V is the first sub-unit to debut under PRISTIN with members NayoungRoaEunwooRena, and Kyulkyung. The sub-unit was a much anticipated debut because of PRISTIN’s much delayed comeback, which the world never got to experience. They made their debut in 2018 with a mini album and title track, “Get It.”

10. AOA Cream

AOA Cream is the sub-unit formed under AOA in 2016, made up of members YunaHyejeong, and Chanmi. They made their debut with single, “I’m Jelly Baby,” and unfortunately hasn’t made a comeback since.

Source: Reddit