10 “Ridiculously Good-Looking” Siblings Of Idols You Never Knew Existed

They could debut as celebrities.

1. Chaeyoung’s brother

Chaeyoung’s brother Son Jeong Hoon is known as a bit of an ulzzang because of his dashing good looks. Some fans even want him to join a JYP Entertainment.

2. Momo’s sister

Momo’s sister Hana is a popular dance teacher in Japan. Although she’s not a traditional celebrity, she’s super well-known and popular for her talent and visuals.

3. NS Yoon G’s brother

 NS Yoon G’s brother Sean (Jonghyun) is sometimes mistaken for an idol himself!

4. Eric Nam’s brother

Eric Nam’s brother Eddie resembles Eric, but the atmosphere they give off is completely different!

5. Jaejoong’s sister

Jaejoong is famous for being such a good older brother that some even call him a “sister babo”.

6. Seungri’s sister

Seungri’s younger sister held such a resemblance to her brother that some netizens first speculated that the pictures were Seungri dressed up as a girl!

7. Yeeun’s brother

Yeeun’s brother looks like Yeeun’s features took shape on a guy’s face and he is one good looking boy!

8. Hani’s brother

He even starred in a music video after being cast for his visuals!

9. Amber’s sister

Amber’s sister Jackie is well known amongst international fans and was sighted often along with Amber!

10. Rosé’s sister

Some people claim Rosé’s sister actually looks more like fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo. But everyone can agree she’s quite beautiful!