10 Idols Who Revealed Their Biggest Insecurities

These idols weren’t afraid to speak up about their insecurities.

Being an idol means that your talent and looks must be top-notch. Sometimes, however, stars do have insecurities of their own, yet they don’t really open up about it. A few brave souls have taken the initiative to speak out about their own perceived flaws.


1. Hyolyn

Hyolyn has admitted that her insecurity is her large forehead. She feels so insecure about her forehead that she takes special care to make sure her bangs are always perfect.


Especially after playful fans teased her about her forehead for a while with photoshopped pictures.


So many people have teased her about her forehead that it’s given her some insecurities, even if she doesn’t really think her forehead’s that bad!

My forehead isn’t that wide, really!” — Hyolyn


While some haters may contribute to her complex, Hyolyn is beautiful with or without bangs!

hyorin 2


2. IU

IU has a major hangup with her small hands.

IU hand

“My hands are so small that they make my face look big in comparison.” — IU


You may wonder how that could make her feel insecure at all, but she used to get teased a lot for her petite hands.

“There were people who liked my small hands, but I also got teased a lot as well.” — IU


3. Goo Hara 

Goo Hara admitted that her “gummy smile” is her biggest insecurity.

goo hara

Although a lot of fans love it!


4. Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain 

Gain once said that her biggest complex is having such small eyes.




Many people may not know L’s hair is naturally curly and that he absolutely hates it.

infinite l

While he spent his childhood with curly locks, he now styles it so the curls don’t show.


Curly hair is actually quite a rare trait for Korean people, so L may have felt he stood out too much growing up.


Although he may not like his curly hair, he’s still super cute with it!


6. Sohee

Sohee doesn’t like her round cheeks. While some people may think it gives her a super youthful look, she feels they make her look like a dumpling.



7. Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon admitted that he feels insecure about the fact that he cannot grow facial hair.


Although that trait is not completely uncommon in Asian men.


8. Suzy

Suzy mentioned that she doesn’t like her forehead line and baby hairs, which have long been her insecurity.



9. SHINee’s Taemin

“Being too pretty” is Taemin’s biggest complex.



Some may argue, however, that it’s actually one of his best features.


Many fans even have a little bit of envy for his ridiculously good-looks!


10. Sulli

Sulli doesn’t like people thinking that she is taller than she actually is. 


She often gets mistaken for being 170 cm (5’7″) tall when she’s really 169.8 cm tall.


While it may not seem like much of a difference, to her it’s a big deal.