10+ Idols With The Cutest Animal-Themed Signatures

From bears to butterflies, discover how K-Pop idols weave the allure of the animal kingdom into their unique signatures.

When we think of K-Pop idols, we often imagine their impressive performances, charismatic stages, and amazing vocal ranges. But have you ever looked closely at their autographs? Beyond the music and choreography, many idols choose to express their unique personality and charm through their adorable animal-themed signatures.

From Red VelvetΒ Seulgi‘s bear-themed signature to ATBO Hyunjun‘s bunny one, let’s dive into this exciting exploration of some of the cutest animal-themed signatures in the K-Pop world.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

1. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

In line with her adorable nickname “Bear Seulgi,” Red Velvet’s Seulgi has a signature that is as charming as her. With a simple and cute bear figure incorporated, Seulgi’s signature is a delightful representation of her warm and cuddly personality.

2. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

The ethereal butterfly that graces Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s signature speaks volumes of her elegant and transformative nature. It’s a beautifully crafted symbol that showcases her delicate artistic style and free-spirited personality.

3. Stray Kids’ I.N

The maknae of Stray Kids, I.N, cleverly includes a playful fox in his signature, echoing his slyly adorable nature. The fox adds an element of creativity and fun to his autograph, which perfectly suits his youthful charm.

4. MAMAMOO’s Wheein

Symbolizing the aspiration to soar high, MAMAMOO’s Wheein’s bird-themed signature is nothing short of inspirational. Gifted by her mother, it’s a heartfelt expression of her desire for freedom and ambition, just like a bird flying high in the sky.

5. Dreamcatcher’s Handong

Known for her love of felines, Dreamcatcher’s Handong showcases her soft spot for her pet cat in her signature. Her cute and loving representation of her furry friend truly embodies the warm connection between them.


Adding a bit of edge to her autograph, ZEROBASEONE’s Taerae chooses a fierce shark to represent her. The choice of this predator of the deep signifies her strong, fearless persona and her readiness to take on any challenges.

7. CIX’s BX

With a roar of creativity, CIX’s leader BX incorporates a cute little dinosaur into his signature. The adorable yet powerful dinosaur symbolizes his charismatic leadership and lively spirit.

8. CIX’s Yonghee

Yonghee, another member of CIX, also used to opt for a dinosaur in his signature. His dinosaur, however, was notably different from BX’s, showcasing his own take on the theme and hinting at his fun-loving and youthful personality.

9. P1Harmony’s Jiung

The cat is a popular choice among idols, and P1Harmony’s Jiung is no exception. His cat-themed signature mirrors his endearing character, providing a glimpse into his tender and loving side.

10. VERIVERY’s Minchan

Just like his fellow idol Jiung, VERIVERY’s Minchan also uses a cute cat in his signature. With a unique twist on the feline theme, Minchan’s signature showcases his fun and playful spirit.

11. ATBO’s Hyunjun

ATBO’s Hyunjun finishes our list with a signature as adorable as a bunny. The delightful rabbit theme is a perfect representation of his cute, warm, and approachable personality, making his signature a fan favorite.