Here Are 10 Male K-Pop Idols Who Are Such Beautiful Singers That They Definitely Eat CDs For Breakfast

It is a very worrying diet…

The phrase “Eating CDs” means that a singer sounds the same or even better than a CD when they perform in real life. In particular, this can be difficult for idols who also focus on dancing and performing. However, many idols have proven that they have CDs as part of their diet.

Here is a look at ten male K-Pop idols whose vocals are so strong and stable on stage that they definitely eat CDs for breakfast.

1. Jongho – ATEEZ

Although Jongho is the youngest member of ATEEZ, he has been regarded as one of the best vocalists out of the fourth generation vocalists. Over the years, Jongho’s voice has developed into something unique and instantly recognizable for its tone and quality.

| @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter

Not only does his voice work perfectly with any song, but he has this unrivaled control when he is on stage. Whether standing still for a ballad or dancing to one of the fast-paced songs, he has full control over his voice, which allows him to cement himself as an all-rounder who eats CDs.

2. Yonghoon – ONEWE

When it comes to underrated idol groups, ONEWE is always mentioned by fans worldwide. The oldest member Yonghoon is definitely a vocalist that fans need to take notice of. He is a true angel when he sings with one of the best ranges and a melodic texture.

| @ONEWE_Official/ Twitter

In slow and emotional tracks like “A Book in Memory,” Yonghoon’s vocals shine like a star. However, he can flip that and perform high-energy songs like “End of Spring” while moving around the stage and having full control over his voice. You will never hear a bad note, and his voice has a quality unlike anyone else.

3. Seungkwan – SEVENTEEN

If it was possible, all of the members of SEVENTEEN’s vocal line would be on the list because they are all flawless. However, there is a special quality to Seungkwan’s extremely unique voice. Whenever he gets on stage, he never fails to make an impact with vocals that are always flawless.

In particular, his tone and texture have been seen as comforting to many fans. What is even more impressive is that, despite the group’s difficult choreography, he manages to balance the two to provide a high-quality performance.

4. Jin – BTS

BTS’s oldest member Jin always seems to be making headlines for his flawless live vocals, and it isn’t surprising why. Whether during a live concert or performance, Jin has this soothing and unique quality to his voice that oozes stability and perfection.

| @bts_twt/ Twitter

During the group’s recent PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in LA, Jin earned much praise from ARMYs and non-fans. From the very start, his vocals were stable, and many believe that his voice in real life sounds even sweeter. No matter the difficultly, Jin always produces. 

5. Onew – SHINee

Like SEVENTEEN, SHINee is another group where all of the members could easily be included on the list. However, leader Onew has gained attention for not only the flawlessness of his vocals but the unique tone that is undeniably recognizable to netizens worldwide.

| SM Entertainment

Onew has showcased stable and raw vocals throughout his career in every live performance. Despite the songs’ difficulty and the choreography’s complexity, Onew makes everything seem effortless. It makes him so easy and fun to listen to and manages to pull at your emotions.

6. Baekhyun – EXO

When it comes to EXO’s Baekhyun, he is definitely someone who has shown how much hard work means. There is no denying that his vocals are undeniable in EXO and his solo work, with a strong range, tone, and power in his songs.

| SM Entertainment

In the past, it isn’t just netizens who have praised him. His vocal coach Lim Han Byul had nothing but praise for Baekhyun, who worked so hard to get his voice to top quality. All of his practice definitely paid off, and he is one of the most loved vocalists in K-Pop.

7. Seungmin – Stray Kids

Stray Kids’ Seungmin has one of the most unique and recognizable voices out of fourth-generation idols. Since debuting, Seungmin has showcased how diverse his vocals are, shining on ballads, uptempo dance numbers, and even more rocky tracks.

| @realstraykids/ Instagram

However, Seungmin’s voice also has this soft and innocent vibe to it that has the ability to make fans feel warm and comfortable when listening to him. At only 21-years-old, Seungmin’s voice will only continue to improve, and he will definitely cement himself as a powerful vocalist.

8. Hweseung – N.Flying

Fans have been aware of N.Flying’s lead singer Hweseung since his appearance on Produce 101 in series two. After finally debuting, he has continued to shine with his flawless vocals in a group that releases both heartwrenching ballads and uptempo dance music.

| @hweng_star/ Instagram

In particular, his five-note progression in the track “Still Love You” is still one of the most iconic things in K-Pop. Even though it goes well beyond many vocalists’ capability, Hweseung always does it with ease and makes it seem effortless. Whenever he steps on stage, you can always rely on Hwesung to perform with perfect vocals.

9. Kihyun – MONSTA X

MONSTA X is a group full of all-rounders. Yet, Kihyun should never be forgotten about when it comes to vocals. Even before debuting, he gained attention for his flawless vocals, and they have only got better as the years have gone on.

| @yookihhh/ Instagram

If Kihyun’s vocals don’t shine enough in MONSTA X’s songs, he has released his own covers of both Korean and Western songs on the group’s YouTube channel. From tracks like “Natural” and “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, Kihyun has such raw vocals that never cease to shock fans.

10. Jinho – PENTAGON

PENTAGON’s oldest member Jinho has just returned from the army, and fans are already excited to hear him sing again. Since debuting, fans have loved hearing Jinho’s safe and warm voice, whether with the group or his classic “MAGAZINE HO” series.

In particular, Jinho is known for his out-of-this-world notes that seem to defy any logic and sound pitch perfect any time, such as his iconic “Yuto Da” in “Fantasystic.” With years of practice and training, it isn’t a surprise that Jinho is such a stable vocalist, and he’s probably been eating CDs for years.