10 Idols With Extremely Famous And Unique Body Features

Fans can’t help but love these parts of their idols!

These idols are famous for their features, and fans love it!

1. EXO Chanyeol’s ears

EXO‘s main rapper is known for his elf-like ears. Since his ears stick out so much, it’s hard not to notice! Fans say that his ears are his charms — and they make him look even cuter!

Chanyeol has stated that he used to be insecure about his ears when he was younger but has learned to accept them. He says that he realizes that it makes him a unique individual.

2. TWICE Nayeon’s bunny teeth

Not only is TWICE‘s lead vocal known for her adorable gummy smile, she’s also known to have adorable bunny teeth! Fans say it only enhances her cuteness and her own members have given her the nickname bunny unnie! During fan signs, fans have given Nayeon numerous bunny-themed things to celebrate her bunny teeth.

People have also pointed out that she looks like Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets!

3. MAMAMOO Hwasa’s thighs

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has gained fame for her honey thighs! Though her figure is different from the usual Korean standard to prefer slim, skinny girls — a lot of people adore her voluptuous body!

Some have been quick to call her fat, but many have defended the idol and said she has curves in all the right places. People have also stated that she has such a small face but a sexy figure!

4. Stray Kids Felix’s freckles

Stray Kids‘s Felix is known for his cute freckles! There used to be a time where he was insecure about his freckles and would hide it with make-up. He even apologized for having freckles once during a live broadcast.

Fans immediately showered him with love, commenting on how much they love his freckles and how unique it makes him. Ever since then, Felix has become more confident concerning his skin and even shows it off for the fans!

5. SHINee Minho’s eyes

SHINee‘s Minho is famous for his flaming charisma, and he shows it off with his eyes!

Many have commented about how pretty his eyes are. Late Jonghyun once mentioned it when talking about their first impressions of one another.

When I first saw him, I thought, “Wah, so handsome! Especially his eyes!”

— Jonghyun

Even his nickname back in elementary school was “Big Eyes“!

6. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Tiffany’s eye smile

When Girls’ Generation (SNSD)‘s Tiffany smiles, so do her eyes! Every time she flashes a grin, her eyes form into little crescents. Her smiling eyes will definitely make you feel warm inside!

7. Sunmi’s legs

During Sunmi and Chungha‘s visit to Weekly Idol, they started talking about how long Sunmi’s legs were. They decided to measure just how long her legs were and it turns out her legs are 110 centimeters long!

Sunmi stands at 166cm, which means her legs make up roughly 2/3 of her body!

8. MONSTA X Shownu’s chest

During MONSTA X’s “Shoot Out” promotions, Shownu gained popularity for one of their dance moves. He gained fame for being able to make his chest vibrate so powerfully!

Fans can’t get over how much force he can put in to get his chest to shake and how masculine it makes him look! Of course, he can still be cute while doing it too.

9. BIGBANG Daesung’s nose

Daesung‘s nose is an extremely prominent part of his face. His nose is so famous that he actually released official merchandise of his nose! Did you know that he released an ice cube tray that would make ice in the shape of not just his nose but his mouth too?

The ice cube tray is called “Ice! Nose, Lips”, a reference to fellow BIGBANG member Taeyang‘s solo song, “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.

10. IZ*ONE Hitomi’s cheeks

IZ*ONE‘s Hitomi is known for her cute chubby cheeks! Her members have called her cheeks “Fluffy cheeks” and have even given her the nickname “Bbang-tomi”, which means bread-tomi, since her cheeks resemble a bun and Hitomi herself loves bread!

Which idols body part or feature is your favorite?