10+ Idols Who Fans Are Sure Would Kill It On A Dance Survival Show

They’d totally set the stage on fire!

When the dance survival show Hit The Stage premiered in 2016, all fans were seriously hyped to see their fave ace dancers on the show, showcasing their sharp and intricate dance moves and making a name for themselves as a top dancer in the industry! On the off-chance that a similar show, or even a second season of Hit The Show, should one day air, fans have revealed the idol dancers that they would love to see totally killing it on a dance survival show!

1. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

As Red Velvet‘s main dancer, Seulgi would absolutely shine on the show! She has sharp, crisp moves that flow easily,a nd she can make even the toughest choreographies look seamless and almost effortless!



BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is another main dancer who would do very well on a dance survival show! She has incredible power and charisma, and definitely has the potential to go far in a dance competition!


3. ASTRO’s Moonbin

For the first season of Hit The Stage, ASTRO‘s Rocky joined in as a participant for episodes 5-6. And fans would love to see the other main dancer of ASTRO on the show too! Fans believe Moonbin would do very well on a dance survival show, and will get a great opportunity to showcase his incredible skills as well!


4. MAMAMOO’s Wheein

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is the group’s lead dancer, and absolutely kills it onstage! She has a flowy dance technique that sets her apart as a great dancer, and fans would love to see her amazing dance skills in a survival show!


5. CLC’s Seungyeon

CLC‘s Seungyeon is the group’s main dancer, and is a force to be reckoned with! She’s suave and sexy onstage, and fans believe that she’ll make it very far in a dance competition!


6. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon

IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon ahs been lauded for her dance skills, ever since her appearance on Produce 48. She eventually made it into the final lineup for IZ*ONE, and debuted as the group’s main dancer! Known as “Feather Chaeyeon” for her light and effortless dancing, fans believe she’ll shine tremendously in a survival show focused solely on dance!


7. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel ended Produce 101 in first place, as the centre and lead dancer for Wanna One! While the group was promoting, Kang Daniel was noted for his incredible precision and charisma as a dancer, and fans believe that if he were to joina  dance survival show, he’ll truly be able to show fans and non-fans alike what he’s capable of!


8. NCT 127’s Taeyong

NCT 127‘s Taeyong has been upheld as one of the top dancers of his group ever since they debuted, and is still crushing NCT’s hard af choreographies with immense grace and technique! He absolutely shines as a dancer, and fans believe that were he to join a dance survival show, he’d definitley slay!



9. Stray Kids’ Lee Know

Stray KidsLee Know is the group’s main dancer, and even his members are always in awe of his dancing skills! He has a refined grace combined with power in his dance moves,a nd fans are positive that should he appear on a survival show, he’d definitely be one of the top contenders for the #1 spot!


10. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is well-regarded as the group’s top dancer, as he helps choreograph all of SEVENTEEN’s intricate and complex dance routines. Fnas believe that if Hoshi were to appear on a dance sruvival show, he’d definitely give all the contestants a run for their money!


11. LOONA’s Yves

LOONA‘s Yves is the group’s main dancer, and absolutely slays all of the group’s intense choreographeis with ease and precision. Fans believe that if she were a participant on a survival show, she’d definitely go very far in the competition with her incredible dancing!


12. AB6IX’s Woojin

AB6IX‘s main dancer Woojin was also a participant on Produce 101, and eventually made it into Wanna One, where his position was main dancer as well! Fans believe that if Woojin appears on a survival show for dance, he’d do extremely well, and rise up throught he ranks fairly quickly!


13. ATEEZ’s Yunho

ATEEZ‘s Yunho is the group’s main dancer, and absolutley kills it onstage! Fans believe that if he were to appear on a survival stage, he’d absolutely kill it!


14. KARD’s BM

KARD‘s BM is the group’s main dancer, and is a force to be reckoned with onstage! He’s sharp, precise and effortless in his dancing, and fans would love to see him on a dance survival show!


15. Hyuna

Hyuna is a dancing queen! Ever since her debut with Wonder Girls in 2007, and subsequent re-debut with 4MINUTE in 2009, Hyuna’s been killing it as a dancer, and fans believe she could defintiely be a participant to watch out for if she decides to appear on a dance survival show!

Source: Reddit