6 Idols Who Look Good, But Look Even Better When Wearing Glasses

They can pull any look off!

K-Pop idols wear glasses from time to time, sometimes for their vision, other times as a fashion accessory, and the purpose doesn’t matter because they will look good with or without the glasses!

Here are some of your favorite K-Pop idols who look good with glasses on.

1. MONSTA X’s Kihyun

Guess the idol wearing glasses! (male) Quiz - By safaramzan1310

Kihyun looks like a whole cutie with glasses on!

2. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo


Wonwoo radiates a campus crush vibe whenever he wears glasses and CARATs always likes it whenever he wears them!

3. TWICE’s Nayeon

190908 - Nayeon with glasses

Nayeon looks like the sweetest and kindest girl next door with glasses on!



Lisa knows how to rock glasses as she put her hair up in a pony tail giving her an elegant and fresh look!

5. Red Velvet’s Yeri


Yeri looks innocent and pure with her glasses on.

6. BTS’s Jin


Jin looks like a smart professor or a rich business man when he wore his glasses with his suit!

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