10 Idols Who Love Aespa’s “Next Level” As Much As Fans Do

“I listen to it every day!”

Aespa’s “Next Level” has taken the world by storm ever since its release, even reaching the same status as SHINee‘s “Ring Ding Dong” as a song you shouldn’t listen to during exam season because it’ll get stuck in your head. Here’s a list of 10 K-pop idols who have been obsessed with “Next Level” just as much as fans are!

1. Kim Sejeong

Actress and singer Kim Sejeong sang “Next Level” during a livestream! She stated that the song is “really good,” and she listens to it often on her way to work.

2. 2PM…

At a recent appearance on Kang Hanna‘s Volume Up, the members of 2PM danced a section of “Next Level.” The members were seen studying the choreography just before doing the challenge, and fans loved their short performance.

3. …Specifically Taecyeon

2PM’s Taecyeon went viral on Twitter recently thanks to this video of him doing the “Next Level” dance! He even sneaks into the background of Jun. K‘s time slot at one point, and gets his fellow member to join in.

4. Key (SHINee)

Key gave a powerful performance of aespa’s song on Amazing Saturday, truly proving his status as a girl group cover icon!

5. Dowoon (Day6)

Day6 drummer Dowoon danced the point move of “Next Level” on DAY6’s Kiss the Radio! While he is a drummer, not a dancer, fans can appreciate the effort and attention to detail.


The SEVENTEEN members have done the dance to “Next Level” too many times to count at this point, but the time S.Coups stopped eating and stood up just to do the dance had fans cracking up.

7. Kahi

The former leader of After School began her new vlog series “Let’s Dance Kpop” with a review and cover of “Next Level.” While watching a performance of the song, she complimented Karina‘s “strong presence” and Winter‘s visuals!


The MOMOLAND members have also shown love for “Next Level.” Nancy stated that she listens to it every day and the members started doing the choreography almost immediately.

9. Beomgyu (TXT)

Fans went wild after TXT‘s Beomgyu showed off his biceps using the “Next Level” point move!

He even referenced the song in a Weverse comment. A fan posted that beating his level was too difficult, to which he replied, “I’m on the next level~.”

| Weverse

10. NCT

No surprise here but labelmates NCT have shown their love for “Next Level” multiple times! It seems like they never miss an opportunity to dance to the song. Chenle and Jisung participated in the “Next Level” TikTok challenge recently!