10 Idols Who Have #Lovestagrams With Their BFFs

The #Lovestagrams of these BFFs will definitely make you jealous of their beautiful friendships!

#Lovestagram is a hashtag used by Instagram users to show affection for their lovers. Instead of having #Lovestagrams with their lovers, the following idols have shown their affection towards their BFFs through SNS.


1. IU & Yoo In Na

The two beautiful stars posted a photo of their hands with the same ring and matching bracelet! Going as far as to get a friendship ring really proves that they are truly BFFs.


They are known to often go on trips together and were even spotted in Italy wearing matching outfits.


Yoo In Na, who doesn’t use SNS herself, often appears on IU’s Instagram for occasions such as her birthday.


IU also showed off the snack cars Yoo In Na sent to support her during shootings.


2. Suzy & Jang Hee Ryung

Suzy recently uploaded an 80’s style photo of herself on Jeju Island in front of a bright yellow background looking as beautiful as ever.


It just so happens that Jang Hee Ryung posted a photo of herself in front of the same background around the same time!


The two stars, who are both managed by JYP Entertainment, are very close and often travel together.


Since they travel just the two of them, they tend to upload more photos they take for each other rather than photos they take together.



Therefore, they have many similar photos on each of their Instagrams!


3. Jeon Hye Bin & Seo Hyun Jin

The two actresses developed a close friendship while filming Another Miss Oh.


The pair has even gone on a month-long trip in the past.


As expected of BFFs, Seo Hyun Jin also has sent a snack car to Jeon Hye Bin’s filming site.


4. Jessica & Krystal Jung

The lovely sisters often show their affection for each other through SNS.


They can be seen traveling together through pictures at the same location.


And they also show aspects of their daily lives just having fun with each other.


And snack cars are a must!


5. Heize & Kisum

This image from Kisum’s new album was posted on not Kisum’s, but Heize’s SNS!


The pair is widely-known as BFFs and therefore, have many photos of each other on their SNS.


With matching beanies and no makeup on their faces, they really look like two best friends just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company!