10 Idols Who Made Dramatic Changes To Their Looks For A Comeback, According To Fans

They really showed that simple changes in styling can go a long way!

New looks and styles for comebacks are arguably one of the things that fans look forward to the most, and idols always deliver! Here are 10 idols who changed up their looks so dramatically for a comeback, fans were shook when they finally saw them in photos and videos!

1.  fromis_9’s Nakyung

When fromis_9 made their comeback with title track “FUN!” in 2019, fans were shook to see that Nakyung had cut off her pretty, long hair in favor of a stylish, pink bob! While fans agreed it looked amazing on her, they were also taken aback by the drastic change in style!

Long Hair:


Short hair:


2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet‘s 2016 comeback with “Russian Roulette” introduced a fun, fresh concept to fans, and also introduced some new hairstyles and looks from the members! In particular, Joy came back with platinum blonde hair, Seulgi with bright orange and Yeri stunned fans with her mature beauty with her flowing, red hair!







3. Momoland’s Hyebin

When Momoland made their comeback in 2019 with “Thumbs Up!”, leader Hyebin made several fans do a doubletake as she swept them up with her long-haired visuals for the first time in a while! Known for her short hair among fans, it was nonetheless a welcome change and gave fans a newfound appreciation for her visuals!

Short hair:


Long hair:


4. LOONA’s JinSoul

LOONA‘s JinSoul has been blonde for as long as fans can remember, but when she showed up with her hair dyed back to black at an event in 2019, and were super shook with how amazing she looked with darker hair, and also couldn’t recognize her very well with her new color!

Blonde hair:


Black hair:


5. CLC’s Yeeun

When CLC made their 2018 comeback with “Black Dress”, fans were super impressed with Yeeun‘s chic, edgier image with her new short, black hair! The change was a fresh one, and fans loved the contrast in vibe when compared to her longer hairstyles! Fans were further appreciative of her visuals when Yeeun decided to bleach her new short cut blonde, and managed to pull it off flawlessly!

Long hair:


Short hair:


6. EXO’s Suho

EXO‘s “Obsession” era, in general, was full of fresh looks for all the members, but Suho had fans super impressed with his fiery red hair for the comeback! Usually seen in more natural hues, red-haired Suho blew fans away completely, and they hope he’ll bring a similar look forth next time!


7. Oh My Girl’s Mimi

For Oh My Girl‘s 2020 comeback with “Nonstop” fans were looking forward to their cheerful, bright concepts as usual! When the teasers dropped, however, fans were immediately shook when they caught a glimpse of Mimi‘s upgraded visuals for the comeback! Although known for her trademark bangs, Mimi did away with them completely, and showed up with bangless, bright purple hair that made fans totally do a double-take!


8. iKON’s DK

For iKON‘s 2020 comeback with “Dive”, DK came back with longer hair that suited him immensely well, but made fans wonder for a bit about who he was in teasers and the MV!

Short hair:


Long hair:


9. MINX’s SuA vs. Dreamcatcher’s SuA

Dreamcatcher originally debuted under the name MINX (minus Gahyeon and Handong) in 2014, and had a lighter, more fun concept than Dreamcatcher. For those concepts, SuA had short, brown hair, and her styling was totally different! But when they rebranded as Dreamcatcher in 2017, SuA showed up with black hair, darker makeup and brand new styling, which she pulled off like a pro!



Dreamcatcher’s SuA:


10. Pristin’s Yuha vs HINAPIA’s Gyeongwon

4 out of the 5 members of HINAPIA are former members of now-disbanded group Pristin, and due to the change in concept upon rebranding, the members had to adjust accordingly! Under Pristin, Gyeongwon promoted as Yuha, and had a brighter image and styling to fit their cheerful concept. In HINAPIA, however, Gyeongwon had a great change in hair, makeup and styling, making many fans shook at the drastic change in appearance when she made her re-debut in 2019!

Pristin’s Yuha:


HINAPIA’s Gyeongwon:

Source: Reddit