10 Idols Who Prove Permed Hair Looks Great On Men

They’re permed to perfection.

1. WINNER‘s Jinwoo

Curly-haired Jinwoo is almost too cute to handle!


2. BTS‘s RM

RM has some major aesthetics going with this look.


3. EXO‘s Chanyeol

This classic look is still a fan-favorite among EXO-Ls… and there’s really no wondering why!


6. ASTRO‘s Sunha

Sunha’s messy curls highlight his adorable face and bring out his boyish charms.


5. NCT‘s Jaehyun

Meanwhile, Jaehyun looks pretty freaking hot with his curls.


6. THE BOYZ‘s Hyunjae

And Hyunjae knows how to bring the smoulder.


7. Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon

Jihoon’s perm left him with a slightly tousled look that makes him even more handsome!


8. BTS‘s Jungkook

RM isn’t the only BTS member who looks good with a perm!


9. EXO‘s Chen

Chen’s mess of curls still has a lot of people wishing this look would make a comeback!


10. BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon

G-Dragon has tried out many different types of perms, but this one may just be his best.