10 Idols Rocking Flower Crowns That Will Make Your Heart Flutter Like Butterflies In Spring

They’re so stunning, the season itself pales in comparison.

Spring has sprung, but we’re all stuck indoors instead of frolicking out in nature with butterflies and flowers. (A tragedy!)

Source: SMTOWN/YouTube

Thankfully, flower crowns are a huge part of K-Pop culture, so even though we can’t down some allergy meds and be free among flora and fauna, what we are able to do is appreciate idols who rocked flower crowns so pretty that they’ll make spring blossom in your heart!

1. Leo (VIXX)

VIXX‘s honey-voiced vocalist is a sight to see in this gorgeous flower crown. Spring really is here!

2. RM (BTS)

Let’s be honest, RM looks good all the time, but RM in a flower crown can have all our love and money! Just take it!

Source: minhga92

3. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu is a visual queen with or without a crown. That being said, Tzuyu in a flower crown would make even the hardest heart feel moved.

Source: EANEAGON1020

4. Jin (BTS)

Jin in a flower crown is everything Spring is meant to be.

Source: memory book

5. Johnny (NCT)

Johnny is too darn cute for words! If there was a god of Spring, they would surely look to him for inspiration!

6. Suzy (Former Miss A)

Speaking of gods, are we sure Suzy isn’t Persephone in human form? We’re pretty sure flowers spring forth from the very ground she walks on!

7. Sehun (EXO)

Oof, look at the breathtaking perfection that is EXO‘s Sehun in a flower crown and tell us with a straight face that you didn’t feel those butterflies going crazy! We’re sprung, and not just on Spring!

Source: A Love Knot

8. Joohoney (Monsta X)

He’s named Joohoney because bees make honey from him, right? Right? No?! Well, he’s definitely one of the most beautiful flowers in the idol garden.

9. Daehyun (B.A.P)

Buzz, buzz~What’s that sound? It’s the sound of Daehyun keeping Spring alive and well in this beautiful flower crown.

10. JiU (Dreamcatcher)

Speaking of Persephone, we might have to second guess our previous statement! Suzy might be Persephone as Kore, the maiden of Spring, but JiU is definitely Persephone, goddess and queen of the underworld!


There are countless idols that look incredible in flower crowns, and our list is composed of just a tiny fraction of them, however, we hope these lovely idols in their flower crowns brought a smile to your face and made you feel a little closer to nature~🌱