10 Idols With The Strongest “Man Tiddies” In The K-Pop Industry

Wonho “keeps his man tiddies big.” – KARD’s BM

In a live broadcast on March 25, 2019, KARD’s BM told fans that he thinks that a man keeping up his pecs is a must.

 “You could lack in arms a little bit [but] you gotta keep the man titties up,” he said before acknowledging a fan who suggested Monsta X’s Wonho.

BM is an idol well known for his defined physique.

Watching this V Live inspired this list of some of the heroes of “Man Tiddies” in K-Pop. PSA: This list is purely for science.

1. Wonho

It’s the man of the hour! It’s no secret how hard Wonho has been working for his pecs; his chiseled body has been his secret weapon since No Mercy.

2. EXO’s Suho

EXO Kai and Sehun are the unofficial ambassadors of physique in EXO, but EXO’s leader Suho is here to remind you that his body and man tiddies are not to be overlooked.


Known for keeping himself 100% covered up, 100% of the time, the world was shocked when TOP revealed his pecs and abs for Tazza: The Hidden Card.

4. Pentagon’s Hui

Hui is known for his sweet angelic voice, not so much for his perfect abs and sculpted “man tiddies”.

5. GOT7 Jinyoung

Probably the most surprising entry on the list, GOT7’s Jinyoung sent the internet on fire when teasers for his show “Psychometry” went viral for including a shirtless shower scene. Jinyoung, like TOP, is known to keep himself rather covered in comparison to his group members.

6. SHINee’s Minho


Minho showed his man tiddies on stage to pave the way for everyone else on this list. He walked so they could run.

7. MONSTA X’s Shownu

Shownu’s iconic vibrating tiddies will forever be memorialized in K-Pop history.

8. iKON’s Bobby

Another iKON-ic set of pecs: Bobby, behind the scenes of a Sprite CF.

9. Madtown’s Jota (Lee Jong Hwa)

While Jota is no longer technically an idol, his man tiddie game is so strong, BM would want him on this list.

10. Literally all of 2PM

With their entire group sporting strong chests, you can’t spell “Man Tiddies” without “2PM.