These 10 Idols Suit Blonde Hair So Much, They Might As Well Be Naturals

These idols look like they were born blonde.

Not every idol can pull off blonde hair. In Korea, fans use the term ‘tonegro’ (tone + aggro) to refer to makeup, clothing and hair colors that don’t suit an idol’s natural skin tone. According to Korean entertainment news site Daily, netizens think that blonde hair is tonegro on a lot of idols, making them look washed out. But these 10 idols suit it so well, they could easily be natural blondes.

1. Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

If there’s one K-Pop idol who’s known for rocking blonde hair day after day, it’s Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon. Since the group’s debut in 2007, Hyoyeon has very rarely been seen sporting anything other than bleached blonde locks.

The most impressive part? Her hair texture always looks as healthy as a natural blonde’s!

2. Dahyun (TWICE)

Out of all the TWICE members, Dahyun has tried the most hair colors. She had purple hair for “Yes or Yes” era, blue hair for “Fancy” era, and even three-toned hair for “Cheer Up”.

Of course, blonde is definitely one of the colors that suits her best. From “Signal” to “Dance the Night Away” to “Feel Special”, each blonde era shows off a different side of Dahyun.

3. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Taeyeon undoubtedly looks great with dark hair, but blonde hair really makes her look like a youthful, spritely angel.

One of her fan-favorite hairstyles is definitely the curly blonde look, which she wore for “Lion Heart” era as well as for her solo song, “I”.


MOMOLAND is known for bright, fresh, vitamin-like energy, so JooE’s signature blonde hair suits the concept perfectly.

Those bright blonde locks draw attention to lead dancer JooE’s unique and energetic moves.


Lisa has switched her hair color up more times than any of the other BLACKPINK members, but blonde has been the most consistent.

From all-over ash blonde to dark blonde roots with platinum tips, she can pull of any variation of light-colored hair.

6. Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy has gone back and forth between blonde and brunette for Red Velvet’s entire career, sporting light locks for “Ice Cream Cake” and “Peek-a-Boo” era.

But her most notable blonde style has to be the short blonde hair she debuted during “Psycho” era.

7. Key (SHINee)

With his long blonde hair, SHINee’s Key served youthful, ethereal visuals that made him look like a character straight out of fantasy.

His short, blonde hair on the other hand gave him a more mature, street-like edge.

8. Suga (BTS)

Suga has had blue hair, pink hair, red hair, and mint hair, but something about blonde really makes him stand out.

Since Suga has fair skin, platinum blonde hair tends to bring out his uniquely handsome dark eyes.

9. Kang Daniel

Given that Kang Daniel joined Produce 101 with striking pink hair, it’s no surprise that many fans think light hair colors suit him best.

Platinum blonde looks especially striking on him. This hair color paired with his classy sense of style makes him look like a long-lost member of the Malfoy family from Harry Potter.

10. CL (2NE1)

CL is another female idol you could easily mistake for a natural blonde. While she has rocked black hair in the past, she’s most well-known for blonde.

Short or long, pin-straight or wavy, every blonde style looks great on her.

Source: Daily