Here Are 10+ Idols Who Totally Rocked Green Hair

Green’s a bold color, and they totally pull it off!

Idols are always shocking fans with their wild hair colors! Here are 10+ idols who dyed their hair green, and absolutely crushed it!


1. NCT 127’s Taeyong

At the 2017 MAMA, NCT 127‘s Taeyong showed up in bright green hair to perform “Cherry Bomb”! Taeyong has been constantly shocking fans with the wide array of hair colors that he’s tried, and the green color is just one of the wilder ones that adorned his locks!


2. EXID’s Hani

For EXID‘s comeback with “Hot Pink” in 2015, Hani dyed her long hair a cool shade of green, and totally rocked the color!


3. Red Velvet’s Joy

For Red Velvet‘s debut with the single “Happiness”, each member was assigned a representative color. Joy was given the color green, and dyed the ends of her hair a bright green. While its not a complete dye job, it deserves a mention because of how striking it was!


4. BTS’s Suga

For their 2015 comeback with “Run”, BTS‘s Suga dyed his hair a mint green that complimented his visuals so well!


5. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

For his 2014 solo album titled Kwon Ji Yong, G-Dragon dyed his hair an icy green that stayed true to his legendary experimental style!


6. Girls Generation’s Sunny

Girls Generation‘s Sunny dyed her hair a mix of blue and green for the group’s promotions for “I Got A Boy”, and totally crushed it!


7. NCT 127’s Mark

In December 2019, during NCT 127’s Arena Tour NEO CITY: JAPAN – The Origin, Mark appeared on stage with bright green hair! Fans have been loving how he carries the color so well!


8. NCT Dream’s Chenle

For NCT Dream‘s We Go Up comeback in 2018, Chenle dyed his hair a light, mint green that made him look adorable!


9. WINNER’s Mino

For WINNER‘s 2017 comeback with Fate Number For, Mino dyed his hair a dark green that stood out strikingly!


10. Former 4MINUTE member Jiyoon

Former 4MINUTE member Jiyoon dyed her hair a dark green for the group’s 2015 comeback with Crazy, and she killed it!


11. MOMOLAND’s Nancy

For MOMOLAND‘s 2018 comeback with the single “Baam”, Nancy dyed her hair a cool shade of green that looked great on her!


12. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

For SEVENTEEN‘s 2016 release of the single “Boom Boom”, Wonwoo dyed his hair an icy green shade that really made him stand out!


13. TWICE’s Dahyun

For the teasers of their 2019 album Fancy You, TWICE‘s Dahyun sported a sea-green color that really complimented her visuals!


14. BTS’s V

At the beginning of 2019, BTS’s V showed up to Grammys with a striking green hair color, and he even went viral for it!


They all look stunning with their green hair!