10 Idols Who Did Unbelievably Loving Things For Their Fans

These stars love their fans as much as the fans love the stars!

1. Jun Hyo Seong

Jun Hyo Seong planned, prepared, and hosted a fan meeting all by herself, after hearing her fans say they miss her and want to see her in person. She put together a gift package for the fans who attended the fan meeting, consisting of a handwritten card, a self made certificate, home made snacks, and more. Fans were touched by the effort she put into taking care of her fans this way. Jun Hyo Seong also took selfies with every fan who was at the fan meeting.


2. Seo Kang Joon

Actor Seo Kang Joon rented an entire amusement park for his fan meeting! He shared this story on Radio Star and explained he booked one of the most popular amusement parks in Seoul to host 3,000~4,000 fans. He held his fan meeting from 10PM to 5AM when the park isn’t operating.


3. IU

IU is known to treat her fans like family and friends. Early on during her career, she turned down the fans’ gifts, stating she has her own right to collect things. Instead, IU gives back tons of gifts to her fans. She also feeds them well with packed lunches, meal trucks, and even restaurant fan meetings.


4. Jang Na Ra

17 years in the business, singer and actress Jang Na Ra has very loyal fans and she knows how to treat them right. She also prepared gift packages for her fans including homemade desserts and handwritten letters, thanking them for their endless love and support. Jang Na Ra said, “I can always hold fan meetings. But I wanted to find a way that I can pay my fans back for their support.”



INFINITE, since their debut, have been all about taking care of their fandom. The members have bought rice cakes for their fans and hand packed them in the hallway of the broadcasting station during a music show. Fans were completely moved when the picture went around. INFINITE is also another idol that feeds the fans well!


6. VIXX’s N

VIXX‘s N adores his fans, as much as the fans adore him. He put on a busking show on his birthday. During this show, he explained, “I’ve been an idol for 6 years and finally made some money. As soon as I got paid, I wanted to do something special for the people I love.” He also learned how to use Photoshop to create the ad that reads “Thank you, Starlight, for always being on my side”, which went up in a bus station where VIXX first held its fan meeting.


7. EXO

EXO takes care of their fans, especially on nights they wait for the members who end shoots late. After EXO sent the fans snack packs, the members stood by the window and watched the fans eat. They even sent hearts to show the fans that they’re appreciated and loved. EXO has a long list of times the members’ treated their fans. One of the most out-of-this-world thing was when the members personally purchased $68,000 worth of amusement park tickets for their fans!


8. Suzy

To the fans who came to her showcase, Suzy hand picked a gift package to share her love and appreciation. In fact, she often gives out gifts to fans who come to see her at different events. Some of her favorite gift items include Lancome lipstick, accessories like keychains and rings, and coffee mix. These items are either personally purchased or hand made by Suzy.


9. SHINee’s Key

In celebration of his birthday, SHINee‘s Key invited 770 of his fans to a fan meeting turned party and handed out pajama shirts he personally designed and illustrated with his two poodles! Key shared that he wasn’t able to make a full set with pants because manufacturing them would have taken too long and he wouldn’t have been able to make 770 pairs for everyone. Fans were absolutely touched by Key’s considerate nature and how actually adorable the shirt is!



TWICE put up advertisements in several subway stations in Seoul on the group’s 2nd anniversary. Each member wrote something special to their fans and signed the ad, showing off the love to anyone who uses the subway! TWICE also offered gift certificates to trade in for new shoes for fans who came to cheer them on at the Idol Star Athletics Championships. Once’s were absolutely thrilled to pick out stylish new sneakers to wear!

Source: 1BOON