10 Idols Who Will Teach You A Thing Or Two About Pulling Off Headbands

These idols can pull off even the hardest of looks!

1. BTS‘s V

V is the master of headbands — he wears them all the time and somehow pulls off every single look!


Fans have made it known that they love seeing V wear headbands.


He even rocks his Hwarang headband in his first ever drama!



2. SHINee‘s Key

Key loves the casual headband look in everyday life.


But professionally he’s got it all figured out too, looking fine in SHINee’s “View” MV.


He’s also not afraid to change up his hair color to match the look!


3. EXID‘s Hani

Hani looks cute wearing headbands when she’s planning on sweating it out at the gym.


But she also made it sexy when wore a New York headband as part of EXID’s “Ah Yeah” MV and in subsequent performances.


Image: TV report


4. Apink‘s Naeun

Naeun gained a lot of attention when she wore a cheerleader outfit for Apink’s Japanese MV “MOTTO! GO!GO!” which included a stylish pink headband.


The outfit was perfectly balanced thanks to the headband, which matched a crop top and shorts that emphasized her tiny waist and long legs!



5. Wonder Girl‘s Yubin

Yubin wore a headband as part of a sketch on SNL Korea where she went against Ahn Young Mi as the rapper Cheetah in an Unpretty Rapstar parody.


The two caused raucous laughter with their over-the-top raps which the producer forced them to change to formal speech since it was “Hangul Day”.


But whether or not she won the rap competition, Yubin totally wins the headband award!


6. gugudan‘s Mina

Mina nails the cute look when she wears headbands, like when she made a heart shape wearing thick white sports band!


And she completely ramped up the ayego factor when she wore a matching dress and headband in the MV for unit gugudan 5959‘s “Ice Chu”.


7. 4MINUTE‘s Gayoon

Gayoon made a sweatband look hot when she wore it in 4Minute’s “Crazy” MV.


She proved she could pull it off when 4Minute performed live on MCountdown.


Her badass attitude combined with red lips and the sweatband made her fierce AF.



Jun has a specific style that includes a headband paired with suspenders!


He’s seen often wearing both together and winning every time!



9. NCT‘s Mark

Headbands seem to emphasize Mark’s cute and innocent smile, like when he wore one to a recent fan meeting.


But he also can model it up, posing for unit NCT 127‘s “Cherrybomb” promotional material.


And he even has the badass look down too!


10. EXO‘s Baekhyun 

Baekhyun has also drawn attention for his ability to wear all kinds of headbands and still look 100%.


He showed fans he would even look handsome in the Goryeo Dynasty when he appeared in the drama Moon lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo!


But mostly he just looks cool!

Source: 1BOON