10+ Incredible K-Pop Cross-Stitch Crafts That You Won’t Believe Were Handmade

Cross-stitching is back on trend, and K-Pop fans are getting in on it!

Cross-stitching is a craft that can be found all the way to the Middle Ages (400s-1400s) and is believed to possibly go back even further in history. It is a form of counted-thread embroidery where the artist sews X-shaped stitches in a tiled pattern. Modern-day people can equate it to looking like physical pixel art.

Cross-stitching has made a significant comeback in the 21st century due to modern feminism, the popularity of “cottage-core,” and younger generations creating modern designs that challenge the old-fashioned image of cross-stitching. It’s even made it into the world of K-Pop!

Here are just a few examples of K-Pop cross-stitching by many talented fans out there!

1. NCT’s Jaehyun in the “Cherry Bomb” era

NCT’s “Cherry Bomb” era is the perfect subject for cross-stitching! The pixelated motif makes it easy to transform into embroidered art!

2. Jun from SEVENTEEN

This is just one of the many examples of how intricate and incredible cross-stitching can get. The colors are gorgeous and fresh, and the attention to detail is astounding!

3. BTS’s Suga dressed as Yoonji

We’re absolutely loving this simple-yet-complex manga-esque Yoonji!


Who said cross-stitching needs to be complicated? This minimalistic daisy shows just how much you can get from even just a small project.

5. ATEEZ’s promo picture for Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action

Embroidery takes an insanely long time to complete, especially if the piece is very elaborate. Regardless, while this piece isn’t finished yet, it’s one of the most stunning pieces of art we’ve ever seen! How does the cloth look so sparkly?!

6. LOONA’s Kim Lip in “Eclipse”

That’s right; you can even make choreography into cross-stitch! This bold look is absolutely gorgeous.

7. D.O. from EXO’s single “That’s Okay”

The adorable characters from D.O.’s song “That’s Okay” amazing for all the minimalistic decorators out there!

8. Red Velvet’s The Red Summer

This must have taken so long! We almost couldn’t tell it was stitched! Are you sure that’s not the album?!


This is almost frustratingly realistic… how do you make these?!

10. Various Logos

Putting many different logos on one cloth makes an adorable tapestry!

11. GOT7’s Jay B

It can be hard to do gray-scale accurately… this is unbelievably beautiful!

12. BTS’s “Dynamite”

Pastels are timelessly adorable, and adding BTS’s poses? Priceless.

13. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin in the “God’s Menu” era

The great thing about cross-stitch? Even if you don’t put in every single detail, the piece still looks flawless!

| BetterCallPoynter/Etsy

14. Jooheon from MONSTA X

Monochrome can be difficult to master… but this artist is the master.

| Cat L – Monbébé/AhGaSae/Atiny/Amino Apps