10 Insane Moments From NCT 127’s “SUPERHUMAN” Music Video In Honor Of Them Topping iTune’s U.S. Albums Top 10 Chart

It’s just your friendly neighborhood NCT 127, snatching more wins for themselves.

As of May 24, NCT 127‘s new mini album NCT #127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN is sitting pretty atop U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart.

“SUPERHUMAN” is a audio-visually pleasing cinematic masterpiece & since they’re at the top of the Top 10 and there are 10 members, here are 10 moments from “SUPERHUMAN” that lead NCTzens to believe the boys are actually superhuman:

1. Yuta Dancing Among The Falling Stars

Yuta is casually chilling with his family members: the stars.

2. This Intentional (or Unintentional) Nod To Avengers

We love you 3000, Jungwoo!

3. Mark Changing The Entire Layout of the Video With Just a Finger

When you’re Mark Lee, your dance moves hold this kind of power.

4. The Mark-Johnny Rap Duo Is Born!

Taeyong‘s not jealous… (Taeyong is totally jealous!)

5. Vocalist Taeyong Coming Through With The High Note

At this point, what can’t Taeyong do?

6. The Now Infamous QR Code Kick

Wherever this QR code takes you (or doesn’t), this scene is just visually so amazing.

(ps. the code doesn’t show up on gifs… interesting…)

7. The Sheer Power This Scene Has

What Haechan did: That.

Our Wigs: Flew.

8. Doyoung: The Last Water Bender

When the world needed him most… Doyoung was right here, doing what needed to be done.

9. The Fact That it Sounds Just as Good Live

We’re out of breath just watching them dance and sing so flawlessly.

10. & The Fact That This is in the Choreography At All

They rose off the ground like their mini album rose up the charts! (Did we mention we’re out of breath?)