10+ Most Insane Rumors Ever Spread About Red Velvet

Some of these rumors are so ridiculous that it’s funny!

1. Wendy used to be a bar hostess

A user of a controversial online community called Ilbe has spread a rumor about Wendy claiming that she used to work at a bar as a hostess. The photo that was used was apparently a photo of Wendy and her friend during prom that was taken in a dark room. The user, however, claimed that it was taken at a bar that she worked at.


2. Yeri ate three meals at the school cafeteria

Yeri won over the hearts of fans through her cute explanation of her cafeteria rumors. Rumors claiming that Yeri had eaten three meals at the school cafeteria in one day had been circulating. In response to the rumors, she explained the situation through an interview: “I did go to the cafeteria often in 1st grade. My friends always bought me stuff when I went. Whenever I went to school, the kids would ask me to go to the cafeteria because I like to eat. Actually, I didn’t go to the cafeteria that often. I heard there were posts claiming that I ate three meals on the internet, but I actually only ate two. I clearly remember. Tonkatsu was on the menu that day.”


3. Red Velvet is a three-unit group consisting of 12 members

Around the time Red Velvet made their debut, there was a rumor going around that claimed Red Velvet was a three-unit group divided by the countries Korea, Japan and China. The remaining subgroups were supposed to have been revealed in November 2014 but since this did not happen, it remained as a fun, speculative rumor!


4. Irene is dating BTS V

Irene is known to be friends with V and the two have been seen joking around before.

Simply because of the fact that they were close, rumors spread that the two stars were dating and photoshopped images of the two began circulating the internet. Other than these photoshopped photos of the pair, however, there has been no evidence put forward and the rumors remain merely rumors!


5. Joy is dating V

Joy and V’s dating rumor began with a single photo of the two.

The creator of the photo had apparently not done the best job at photoshopping the image as people realized that it was fake soon after it began circulating.


6. Wendy is dating V

While we’re at it, Wendy has been rumored to be dating V as well! V had apparently looked at Wendy, smiling, as they were walking out during the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards and, voila, a dating rumor was created. Of course, there were other photos of the two wearing “couple” items and other images that “prove” this rumor but, as far as we know, it is all just a rumor.


7. Irene is dating Park Bo Gum

The two former co-hosts were involved in a dating rumor, most likely due to the great chemistry they had while they hosted the music program Music Bank.

As there was no additional evidence, and with Irene not even being aware of the rumor itself, it seems like the rumors were just a fantasy made up by shippers of the two gorgeous stars.


8. Kim Jong Un is a fan of Irene

This group photo from the 2018 Pyongyang performance shows Irene standing next to Kim Jong Un while the other Red Velvet members are standing off to the side. People immediately began to speculate that Kim Jong Un was a fan of Irene.

Although the former North Korean defector Kim Cheol Woong stated that he is 100% sure Kim Jong Un did this to catch the attention of the South Korean media, we may never know for sure!


9. Seulgi is dating BTS Jimin

Fans certainly seem to love the idea of Red Velvet and BTS members getting together! Rumors claiming that Seulgi was dating Jimin once circulated the internet along with a photo series of “proof”.

The rumor has since been proven false by fans who gave detailed explanations for each of the photos.


10. Yeri is dating NCT’s Taeyong

Taeyong once said in a live broadcast, “there’s someone who caught the flu and I’m worried. Please watch out for the flu everyone!” When asked who the person was, Taeyong answered that it was a secret and laughed it off. According to SM Entertainment fans, the only person who had the flu at the time was Yeri. This evidence was thin, at best, and with all other “evidence” having been disproved, the rumor seems to have been laid to bed.


11. Irene was a “bad student”

This picture of a female student with a man people suspected to be her boyfriend at a karaoke room has been circulating for awhile. People have claimed that the girl in the photo looks like Irene and have made assumptions that she was a “bad student” because of it. How the photo correlates to being a “bad student” is anyone’s guess and according to most Reveluvs, the image is almost certainly not even Irene.

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