10 Inside Jokes Only Real K-Pop Fans Will Understand

There are always new jokes and memes floating around the K-Pop world that fans find hilarious, and most of them don’t make sense to people who aren’t fans of K-Pop at all! Fans are constantly coming up with new K-Pop related puns and jokes, and it can be a bit hard to keep up, but here are 10 jokes that you’ll only understand if you’re a K-Pop fan:

1. Are you Chen from EXO? Because you light up my Kim Jong-day!

2. Why didn’t Block B get on the honor roll? Because their teacher gave them a Zero for Conduct.

3. What do HIGHLIGHT members do when they’re sad? They seob.

4. What is BIGBANG when they take their shirts off? T.O.P-less

5. What does EXO say before they do something risky? Chan-YOLO!

6. Can I Baro your Sandeuls?

7. What do you call the leader of SEVENTEEN during Halloween? S. Pooks.

8. What do you call Kai when he goes out for a run? Kim Joggin’.

9. If BLACKPINK ever goes on tour, you could say that BLACKPINK’s in your area.

10. What did SHINee say when they got robbed? Oneow!