Here Are 10 Irresistibly Cute Moments When BTS’s J-Hope’s Dimples Come Out To Make Your Day Brighter

At some point, every ARMY wished they were the fan at #7.

When BTS‘s J-Hope is not busy giving a powerful rap…

…or busting out his latest sexiest dance moves…

…he’s busy being irresistibly cute by showing off his facial dimples!

Here are 10 moments that capture this adorable present that his parents have given him:

1. We don’t know which looks better…

…the food or J-Hope’s dimple? It’s a tie.

2. J-Hope is already sleepy, but his dimples just woke up

3. Bright as the sun

Who knew the sun had an adorable facial dimple?

4. Hoseok knows how much his dimples affect ARMYs

And he’s not even apologetic about it.

5. Serious look, not

At first glance, Hoseok looks like he’s not in the mood to be caught on camera. But then, his face lights up and his dimples appear and you feel your day look a little bit brighter.

6. J-Hope stans have no chill

Would you be able to relax if your bias can attack you with sexy hip thrusts and cute dimples, too?

7. This ARMY is living the dream

8. His dimples give you hope

Even though Hoseok doesn’t look as bright as he usually does, his dimples are still there to make you feel better. He may not be the sun, but he proves that every cloud has a silver lining.

9. Short but successful attack

Does he even know that what he’s doing is attacking innocent ARMYs worldwide?

10. Dimples 24/7

His dimples also show when he’s not even trying to be cute — it’s just a natural part of who he is.