10 Jokes You’ll Only Understand If You’re An EXO Fan

Only those with a deep love for EXO will understand these inside jokes.

EXO-Ls have a lot of gold for inside jokes, catchphrases and fails from the members over the years, thanks to their funny antics, cute ships and hilarious fails. You’ll only understand these jokes if you’re an EXO fan!


1. Everything is EXO-K

“I’m sad.”
“Oh, don’t worry honey, everything will turn out EXO-K.”


2. Maybe you should Lay down…

“I’m having a bit of a KRIS-us.”
“Maybe you should LAY down.”
“Yeah, that’s what I’m a-XIUMIN.”


3. Why does EXO wear Nike so often?

They were told to just D.O. it.


4. Once you Jongin, you can’t Jongout


5. Everyday I’m Yeheting

Sehun has his own language of sounds, and yehet is one he makes when he’s excited or happy about something, even though no one is sure why.


6. Suho the single mother

With Suho being the sole leader of EXO after Kris Wu (who was the leader of EXO-M) left, the running joke is that Suho is the single mom of eight unruly kids. When Suho dressed as a woman for SMTOWN 2014, all the memes came out.


7. Enjoy the mayo

The most popular misheard lyric, coming from Luhan during EXO-M’s history era.


8. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s…



9. What does EXO say during Christmas?

Merry Krismas Tao you!


10. Shawty Imma Party Til The Sun Down

Arguably one of the best lines ever delivered by Sehun, this rap became the focus of some hilarious vines and videos.