10+ K-Drama Characters That Are Practically Universally Hated

These characters made the viewers’ blood boil! 

There are multiple characters in K-Dramas, as some of them are meant to be heartwarming. On the other hand, some characters are meant to be hated, as the antagonists are supposed to be annoying. Yet, some characters take this to another level, as they make the viewers want to just scream in anger. Here are 10+ K-Drama characters that are almost universally hated.

1. Jang Geun Won (Itaewon Class)

One of the sadistic and crazy villains from Itaewon Class. He not only killed Park Se Ro Yi’s father but made it his goal to be as much of a pain to him as possible. Even after serving time in prison, he still chose to hurt people. He also never learned or apologized for any of his wrongdoings, such as his past bullying.

2. Yeo Da Kyung (The World of the Married)

Yeo Da Kyung is someone who is hated for her role in destroying a family. She is the definition of a shameless person, as she has no problem with having an affair with a married man.

3. Dong Wook & Jin Hee (Full House)

These two are supposed to be friends of Han Ji Eun, but they are almost the complete opposite. They make Han Ji Eun’s life a nightmare with all their selfish decisions, such as selling her house without her knowledge, as well as many other backstabbing moments. They also aren’t afraid to use Han Ji Eun for their gains.

4. Jang Da Ya (My Only One)

Jang Da Ya is quite an annoying character, as she constantly tries to get the attention of her household. She even goes as far as trying to reveal Kim Do Ran’s biggest secret, and constantly tries to turn Kim Do Ran’s life into a nightmare.

5. Han Seung Jae (Bread, Love and Dreams)

Han Seung Jae is quite a disgusting character, as he did many terrible actions. He tries to kill an innocent child and his mother, he’s had an affair with a married woman, and he shows no regrets in using people to get what he wants.

6. Kang Hee Soo (Boys Over Flowers)

The iconic evil mother from Boys Over Flowers. She’s very controlling, as she has no problem breaking the hearts of her children. She’s used multiple methods to separate her son from Geum Jan Di, despite his son truly loving her. She was also quite controlling of her children, as she was extremely business-oriented.

7. Kang So Young (Who Are You: School 2015)

A classic bully that makes everyone’s blood boil. A bully that just torments Lee Eun Bi, and show no remorse in any of her horrible actions.

8. Rachel Yoo (The Heirs)

A character who thinks that money can let her get away with anything, such as bullying. She has no problem bothering Cha Eun Sang, despite her doing absolutely nothing wrong. Even though it’s initially Kim Tan who falls in love with Cha Eun Sang, Rachel Yoo decided to torment Cha Eun Sang.

9. Yoo Se Mi (My Love from the Star)

Despite being childhood friends, Yoo Se Mi has done some harmful actions towards Cheon Song Yi. A lot of her motives were fueled by her jealousy of Cheon Song Yi.

10. Kang Hye Won (Full House)

Another character from Full House, which is not surprising considering the number of hateful characters from the drama. A character that is needy and makes multiple attempts to separate Han Ji Eun and Lee Young Jae.