10 K-Drama Villains Who Blinded Our Moral Judgment With Sexiness

Sometimes being sexy cancels out the evil…

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Murderers, psychopaths, mythical beings, CEOs, love rivals: they are all villains who do wrong. But sometimes, just sometimes, their wrongdoings don’t seem that bad, no… they may be crazy, but they are absolutely gorgeous while doing it. These 10 K-Drama villains are ones who have made us push past our moral judgment to gawk at their beauty.

1. Gwi (The Scholar Who Walks the Night)

| Shawol_682/Amino

Lee Soo Hyuk‘s Gwi is at the top of the list because dark, sexy vampires never go out of style. He may have murdered many and controlled the monarchy, but he sure looked great doing it.

| Magyeomie/Amino 

2. Lee Rang (Tale of the Nine-Tailed)

Kim Bum has been beautifying screens since 2006, but something about him being an evil mythical being is the cherry on top.

| retrcmoon/Tumgir 

3. Kim Joo Young (SKY Castle)

| Yonhap News Agency

Kim Seo Hyung is insanely gorgeous and as stuck-up as she seems in SKY Castle, that doesn’t taint her beauty one bit.

| Caridee/OneHallyu

4. Baek Hee Sung (Flower of Evil)

| @moonlight_mcw/Twitter

It is honestly just not fair to humanity that Kim Ji Hoon can make a scarily dangerous and uncaring murderer this sexy.

| @yesdramas/Tumblr 

5. Mo Tae Goo (Voice)

| @sseikaku/Twitter

Kim Jae Wook once again makes us question ourselves as we fall completely head-over-heels over a psychopath.

| Racmas/Tenor 

6. Cheon So Jin (The Penthouse)


Don’t let her fool you, she is pure evil. Kim So Yeon elegantly portrays one of the many crazy villains in this fast-paced makjang.

7. Choi Young Do (The Heirs)


Yes, he was a bully, yes, his personality was pretty awful for a while, but he’s played by Kim Woo Bin. It’s not fair.

8. Kwon Jae Hee (The Girl Who Sees Scents)

| SatanOverFlowers/Amino

A serial killer that is extremely intelligent, muscular, creative, and a head chef? Come on, you’re giving us way too much to love about Nam Goong Min‘s character.

9. Jang Geun Won (Itaewon Class)

| @useuun/Twitter

He may be the rival, but Ahn Bo Hyun is just too hard not to love.

| Dramasrevise 

10. Cha Hee Joo (The Master’s Sun)

Han Bo Reum needs to tone down her beauty if she wants us to think she’s the villain!