Here Are 10 Korean Actors That Almost Any Avid K-Drama Fan Will Recognize

How many of these faces do you recognize?

Most of the time, cast members in K-Drama will usually be unique. Yet, some Korean actors seem to appear in nearly all K-Dramas, and they start becoming a familiar face to viewers. Here are 10 Korean actors that most avid K-Drama fans will recognize.

1. Kim Mi Kyung

The most common role Kim Mi Kyung portrays is a playful, but loving mother.

2. Sung Dong Il

A lot of times, the role that Sung Dong Il portrays is a father who gets annoyed easily but secretly cares for his family more than anything.

3. Nam Da Reum

Nam Da Reum usually portrays characters in flashbacks, as he usually portrays the past versions of male characters.

4. Kang Ki Young

Kang Ki Young usually plays the role of a comedic character, as his roles usually involve him making hilarious facial expressions.

5. Jang Hyun Sung

Jang Hyun Sung is truly a mixed bag, as he’s either portrayed as a dark character or one that’s extremely supportive. Either way, his characters are usually ones that are extremely serious, such as ones that are deeply involved with the people’s lives.

6. Kim Won Hae

Kim Won Hae is an actor that plays multiple roles, but most of them involve him being kind of crazy.

7. Jo Jae Yoon

A lot of Jo Jae Yoon‘s roles involve him being the antagonist in some kind of way. However, one of his most popular roles is from SKY Castle, where he was portrayed as a goofy father.

8. Jeong Jae Sun

Jeong Jae Sun has had many roles, but most of them usually involve her being a grandmother.

9. Um Hyo Seob

Um Hyo Seob is someone who has played multiple roles in his career. He’s played more heartwarming roles, such as being a father. He’s also portrayed more sinister characters, such as being a backstabber.

10. Kim Kwang Kyu

Kim Kwang Kyu usually portrays comedic characters, ones that relieve stressful tensions.