10 Korean Actors You Won’t Believe Are 40+ Years Old

They seriously might have found the fountain of youth.

The audience gets to see many Korean celebrities age, especially actors. Yet, many Korean actors still retain their youthful appearance after many years. Here are 10 Korean actors you won’t believe are 40+ years old.

1. Cha Seung Won (Age: 49 years old)

2. Ha Ji Won (Age: 41 years old)

3. Cha Tae Hyun (Age: 44 years old)

4. Choi Ji Woo (Age: 44 years old)

5. So Ji Sub (Age: 42 years old)

6. Kim Hee Sun (Age: 43 years old)

7. Won Bin (Age: 42 years old)

8. Lee Bo Young (Age: 41 years old)

9. Jang Hyuk (Age: 43 years old)

10. Oh Hyun Kyung (Age: 50 years old)