Here Are 10 Korean Actresses Who You May Not Have Known Were Originally Idols

Some people just need some time to find their calling.

Acting has become more and more common in the Korean entertainment industry. Celebrities of many professions have started to experiment with acting, such as idols.

Here are 10 recognized actresses that originally debuted as idols.

1. Seo Hyun Jin

Seo Hyun Jin originally debuted as a member of the girl group M.I.L.K in 2001, but the group disbanded in 2003. She started acting in 2006.

2. Hwang Jung Eum

Hwang Jung Eum originally debuted in the girl group Sugar in 2001 but left the group in 2004.

Hwang Jung Eum (Right)

She began her acting career in 2007.

3. Oh Yeon Seo

Oh Yeon Seo was originally in the group LUV in 2002, but the group disbanded in less than a year. She made her acting debut almost immediately after the disbandment.

4. Kwon Nara

Kwon Nara originally debuted with the girl group Hello Venus in 2012. They officially disbanded in 2019 and she began acting full-time.

5. Park Soo Jin

Park Soo Jin was a part of the girl group Sugar from 2001-2006.

She fully transitioned to acting in 2007.

6. Jeon Hye Bin

Jeon Hye Bin was originally part of the girl group LUV.

Jeon Hye Bin (Right)

She began acting as soon as 2003 and has been in countless acting projects.

7. Park Jung Ah

Park Jung Ah originally debuted as a member of the girl group Jewelry in 2001. Park Jung Ah started acting in 2003 and Jewelry disbanded in 2015.

Park Jung Ah (Right)

8. Lee Ji Hyun

Lee Ji Hyun was originally part of two idol groups before her debut as an actress. She debuted in girl group Circle in 1998, then joined Jewelry in 2001. She became an actress once she left Jewelry in 2006.

9. Eugene

Eugene made her debut as a member of S.E.S in 1997.

Eugene began acting in 2002 after S.E.S disbanded.

10. Jang Nara

Jang Nara didn’t really debut as an idol, but she did debut as a signer in 2001. She began acting in 2002 and has become one of the most recognized Korean actresses.