10 Korean Artists With Tattoos Dedicated To Their Fans

Number 10 is very unique.

The love that Korean artists have for their fans is truly one of a kind, as the relationship between the two is one that simply can’t be replicated. Some artists have even taken their love a step further, as they decided to get tattoos dedicated to their fans. Here’s a list of a couple of Korean artists with tattoos dedicated to their fans.

1. Seunghoon (WINNER)

Seunghoon has a tattoo representing WINNNER’s fandom, Inner Circle.

2. Jungkook (BTS)

Source: Pinterest

Jungkook has several tattoos, one of them representing BTS’s fandom, ARMY.

3. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul has a tattoo that represents a timeline of important events in her life. One of them is June 19’th, which is when MAMAMOO debuted and met MooMoo‘s for the first time.

I meet my loved ones and they’re so precious to me, the first time I had a tattoo with a friend.

4. Zico

Zico was originally a member of Block B, and he has several tattoos of bees. These bees are meant to represent BBC, which is the fandom of Block B.

5. Jimin (AOA)

Source: FYAOA/Twitter

Jimin has a simple tattoo that reads “ELVIS”, which is the name of AOA’s fandom.

6. Chanyeol (EXO)

Source: real__pcy/Instagram

Chanyeol has a tattoo that reads “L-1485”, which is meant to represent EXO’s fandom, EXO-L. The fandom’s name was created on August 5’th, 2014, which explains the numbers on the tattoo.

7. Taeil (Block B)

Like Zico, Taeil also has a tattoo meant to represent Block B’s fandom.

8. Jay Park

Jay Park has a tattoo on the back of his neck dedicated to his fandom, Jwalkerz.

9. Hyunsik (BTOB)

Hyunsik has a tattoo of an “M”, which is meant to stand for Melody, the name of BTOB’s fandom.

10. Jessi

Jessi has a tattoo of a swallow bird on her arm. The reason why is because Jessi’s fandom name is Jabbie, which is similar to the world “jebi”, which is the Korean word for swallow bird.