10+ Korean Songs to Get You Ready For Spring

Why not start this year’s spring with some beautiful K-Pop songs.

Now that it’s March, cherry blossom season is almost here and we’ve got 10+ songs to get you in the mood.

1. Cherry Blossom Ending — Busker Busker

The quintessential Korean spring song, “Cherry Blossom Ending”, is the perfect way to kick off your Spring 2018 playlist. It sings the story of a sweet spring date as cherry blossoms gently dance around the couple walking together hand in hand.

2. Love Blossom – K-Will

Another sweet song about flower petals dancing in the wind as the singer falls in love. “Spring has come to this street, spring has come to my heart”. Can you feel new love in the air?

3. Spring Love – Eric Nam and Wendy

This romantic, light duet will have you nodding your head as you listen to Eric and Wendy’s lovely harmonies. The cute lyrics tell a story of an oppa-dongsaeng relationship changing into a romantic relationship with the coming of spring.

4. Spring Day – BTS

Not all songs about spring are about falling in love. BTS’s “Spring Day” is about longing for a lost friend and hoping that warm spring will come around again.

5. Everyday With You – IU

Although this song isn’t explicitly about spring, IU’s take on this classic song definitely has listeners feeling like their falling in love on a dewy spring morning.

6. Spring, Spring, Spring – Roy Kim

The title says it all! The narrator of the song reminisces when he fell for his lover in the spring, who he just spent a withering winter without. The sweet serenade asks his ex-lover to come back to him before the springtime ends.

7. The Spring – Jeong Eunji ft. Hareem

Eunji sings about how sad spring makes her, as everything is so beautiful around her but she is lonely. “Everything is spring, spring but me.” Many people can definitely relate to this song.

8. Remember That – BTOB

The Korean title for this track literally translates into “Memories of Spring Days”. It is a nostalgic song that reminds the listener that no matter how difficult or cold the past winter was, a soothing spring breeze will come soon.

9. Spring Is Gone By Chance – Loco, Yuju

This duet sings of a love story that has taken the main characters by surprise, as if they looked up and suddenly spring was upon them. “It’s come to me by chance, I can see the scent of spring. You must be arriving with it.” Maybe love will surprise you this spring as well!

10. Flower Way – Sejeong

“I’ll make you walk only on a flower path.” We all have someone we feel extremely grateful and sorry for, someone who does so much that we want to give back to. Sejeong sings a gorgeous tune about that person who has brought spring to life.

11. Spring Again – Cao Lu, Kisum, Yerin

Although the melody is sweet, the lyrics have a hint of bitterness. It’s all about what it’s like to spend spring single and dreading when they feel the butterflies of spring love again.

12. What The Spring?? – 10cm

Another sarcastic and realistic song about springtime couple fever from 10cm! “Nobody comes when it’s cold, nobody comes when it’s warm, it’s unfair. Your perfect relationship looks good now, but you’ll be terribly dumped soon.” If you’re single this spring, just listen to this tune and laugh it off. You’re not alone!

13. Painting Spring – Urban Zapaka

And to wind it all down, here is a more mellow spring track from Urban Zapaka. Perfect for reminiscing on the beautiful spring you painted with someone in the past. Don’t worry, that’s the thing about spring. It always comes around again.