10+ K-Pop Songs Perfect for Autumn Leaves, Sweater Weather, and Pumpkin Spice Everything

“Fall” in love with these Korean songs that are perfect for Autumn.

1. “Let’s Not Fall in Love” by BIGBANG

Kicking off this Autumn playlist is a song about not falling in love because endings always come. Just like how Autumn always comes around, farewell will find us too.

This track is a perfect way to start winding down for the season of Fall.


2. “Goodbye Summer” by f(x) ft. EXO’s D.O.

To help us say goodbye to the season of summer is f(x) and D.O. The song’s lyrics are about falling in love with a friend over the summer and saying goodbye to a story that never started.


3. “When Autumn Comes” by Roy Kim

Even after saying goodbye to summer, the feelings remain. Roy Kim‘s “When Autumn Comes” is sung to a love they said goodbye to and wish they could share the crisp autumn weather with.


4. “Fall” by Crush

“My dreams of four seasons were all you, but my room stays in Fall.” Another dreamy track about a heart that is stuck in the ending of the relationship, as if one was stuck in Fall.


5. “For Now” by Kwon Jinah LOVE Sam Kim

This gorgeous acoustic ballad about unrequited love between two best friends is the perfect song to listen to while reading in a cafe and sipping a warm pumpkin spice latte.


6. “Gemini” by Taeyeon

Although the lyrics aren’t about Fall explicitly, the track is the perfect background music for taking a walk amongst the cool air and crunch, colourful leaves of Autumn.


7. “It’s Cold” by Epik High ft. Lee Hi

This chilling hip-hop ballad is about one’s heart becoming cold as ice after a cold break-up. The narrator stays cold even after ending up in the warm arms of another.


8. “October Weather” by 10cm

Fall weather can be so deceiving, it can look like a beautiful day at first but once you go outside, the clouds gather and begin to rain.

This song expresses the struggle one goes through when one goes out expecting a perfect day and their mood suddenly falls to the ground.


9. “Autumn Outside the Post Office” by Yoon Do Hyun (Jin’s cover)

Jin’s cover of “Autumn Outside the Post Office” is a must listen for sweater weather.

Listen as Jin sings the song of someone waiting for their lover in front of the post office, musing on how long the world will remain beautiful — a metaphor for how long love can last.


10. “Fall” by EXO

With this whole mini-album’s concept being having coffee with EXO, it was hard to choose just one song.

“Fall”, a song about no matter how much someone tries to escape, they can only fall deeper into the apple of their eye — was chosen for the mellow beat and lyrics.


11. “Dead Leaves” by BTS

Produced by Suga, “Dead Leaves” is about a love that is shaky and about to fall apart like the crumbling leaves of Fall.

The chorus begs for their love not to fall, not to crumble, not to fly away — just like autumn leaves.


12. “Autumn Morning” by IU

Autumn isn’t always about endings and cold weather, as proved by IU’s “Autumn Morning”.

The simple acoustics and IU’s clear and pretty voice, perfectly illustrate how refreshing the cool, chilly Autumn morning air can be.


13. “Time and Fallen Leaves” by Akdong Musician

This song from the brother-sister duo has a lot of gorgeous layers, just like the diverse colour palette of an Autumn day. Overall the song is about the trials that come with time, memories, forgetting, and moving on.


14. “At Gwanghwamun” by Kyuhyun

If Spring in Korea means Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending”, then Autumn in Korea always comes with Kyuhyun’s “At Gwanghwamun”.

This quintessential Fall ballad is about someone who is watching the leaves change colour at Gwanghwamun while thinking of their ex-lover and the times they visited this street together.


15. “Scarecrow” by Lee Hi

In this ballad by Lee Hi, she sings about one who is certain that their feelings for their love will never change no matter how much time passes — “like a scarecrow, who stands alone even after everyone leaves”.