10 Korean Thirst Traps From 2017 That You’ll Never Be Able To Escape From

View at your own risk.

Warning: You might be trapped here for a while. Getting some essential supplies and going to the washroom before continuing is highly recommended.

1. Julien Kang

The man with the perennial wide set shoulders has caught everyone in his trap.

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2. Yeo Jin Goo

People are still looking for hundreds of noonas trapped inside Yeo Jin Goo’s somehow masculine but adorable trap. His photo shoot with Elle this year had the makings of becoming dangerous. There’s no doubt more is to come from Yeo Jin Goo in the future.

3. So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub’s performance in The Battleship Island was well-respected but arguably not as musch as his rugged look and shoulders for days.

4. Daniel Henney

The trap of having setting a picnic for two on the beach after a quick swim and putting on a loose shirt was set by Daniel Henney. Some suspect his photo shoot with Cosmopolitan was partly to blame for the especially hot summer this year in Korea.

5. Kim Dong Hyun

The “stun gun” Kim Dong Hyun lost his UFC fight this summer in Singapore but still kept many of his fans trapped in his seemingly impenetrable shoulders and abs.

6. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho posted this shirtless photo and the word on the streets is that many are still recovering from seeing this hotness.

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7. Joo Jin Mo

Joo Jin Mo laid out a tattooed and sexy body trap in Bad Guys 2. Reportedly, many televisions are still paused at the exact moment Joo Jin Mo’s lost his shirt.

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8. Kim Nam Gil

Even with his clothes on, Kim Nam Gil oozes masculine traps. One look at his eyes and no one gets out.

9. Lee Jung Jae

Lee Jung Jae’s trap is multi-faceted: his good looks stand on one side, his deep voice on another, and yet there’s still room for his sense of style and incredible smile. There’s no possible routes of escaping from him.

10. Lee Jun Ho

Lee Jun Ho’s trap was set on a recent episode of Rain or Shine. Though it did nothing to stir Won Jin Ah on the show, it sent many viewers’ hearts aflutter.