10+ Korean Web Dramas That Will Teach You About Life and Love in Korea

These short and sweet web dramas will steal your heart!

1. Love Playlist

Love Playlist tells the story of a group of friends in university, who are all part of the “Music Appreciation Club”.


The web drama tells the story of each character as if they are playing the “song” of that person, hence “Love Playlist”.

Season 3 has just begun, so hurry up and catch up on season 1 and 2.


2. Office Watch

Office Watch tells the hilarious ins-and-outs of office life in Korea between the two fresh rookie workers, the beautiful assistant managers, and comedic director.


Make sure you watch Season 2 to see sworn enemies Assistant Manager Park and Assistant Manager Kim form an alliance against a newcomer to the office too.


3. Seventeen

This cute web drama about falling in love with your best friend in high school and all the drama that follows is a huge hit. 


Make sure you watch until the end to see if Eunwoo gets his act together and wins Seri back.


4. Yellow 

Every fan knows what it’s like to see someone on stage and instantly fall in love with them! But, what if that fan starts to slowly let go of that band member?


Watch to see if the handsome lead singer of Yellow band wins back his girl or if he’ll lose her to his best friend.


5. How To Treat You

How To Treat You is an adorable web drama about friends who bicker and pretend to hate each other, trying to figure out how to act on their romantic feelings and treat each other as lovers.


This web drama accurately portrays the struggle of reading the “signs” when it comes to how to act around the person we’re attracted to.


6. Always a Boy Friend, Never a Boyfriend

All three seasons of this web drama have been met with immense success. This series explores the pros and cons of dating your best friend.

Season 1 talks about two co-workers who are the same age, and harbour crushes on each other.


Meanwhile, Season 2 is the story of two friends in which the girl knows the guy likes her but tries to ignore it for the sake of their friendship.


Finally, Season 3 tells the story of the aftermath of a break up between two people who used to be best friends, and asks whether they will be able to move on or not.


7. 29gram

29gram tells an interesting story of social media influencers who are about to turn 30 starring Song Ji Hyo!


It’s a bit of a change from the university life stories, as it deals with questions of dating, cheating, divorce, and raising children.


8. Love After School

Love After School follows Hu Sein as she reminisces on her first love with her annoying best friend in high school, before she sees him at a reunion.


Season 2 in which adult Sein and Myongrok deal with what happened during the time they were are apart is currently showing now.


9. Love Like Flower | Flower Ever After

This drama follows the story of two couples, a mid-20s couple who have been dating for six years and a couple at the end of their 20s who have been together for one year.


Love Like Flower follows the idea that relationships can only end in marriage or farewell. Watch to see which couple follows which path!


10. It’s Okay To Be Sensitive

This web drama tackles the difficult topic of sexism and everyday oppression that women in Korean society face.


Told through the eyes of university student Jung Shin Hye, her friends learn together that it’s okay to be “sensitive” and speak up when they feel something is wrong.


11. The Brothers Are Also Peaceful Today

The story of two handsome brothers and their unique relationship with each other and the ladies in their life is a favourite of many web drama viewers.


Fall in love with the quirky older brother or the puppy-like, sensible younger brother… or both!


12. Just Because I’m Really Bored

The narrator of this web drama is Danji, who is an bored intern who begins to observe the daily life of her seniors around her.


While just observing, she stumbles upon a potential office romance going on… and realizes her true feelings for one of her office mates too!


13. ATeen

ATeen is about a group of high school senior students, who are best friends that are about to turn 18.


Watch as they navigate how to be true to oneself and one’s heart while battling the upcoming challenges of adulthood — featuring a fire OST by SEVENTEEN!