10 Koreans Students Who Went Above And Beyond To Make The Wildest Prank

Such dedication!

1. These students who turned their classroom sideways.


2. And the teacher who obliged.


3. These girls who put their clothes on backward and probably gave their teacher a heart attack.


4. These students who kept the prank going even after they got caught.


5. This guy who stuck to the script no matter what.


6. These kids who took their lesson about Ancient Greece a little too seriously.


7. When Watching an online game on TV is just as important as your history class.

Source: Egloo


8. When this comes after you, you run for your life!

Source: Facebook


9. When the students take the English Premier League way too seriously!

Source: FM Korea


10. When your eager motivation overcomes the risk of public humiliation

Source: Tong