10 K-Pop Covers That Fans Believe Are Even Better Than The Originals

While the originals deserve respect, these covers are loved for a reason.

When it comes to K-Pop artists, there is no end to the amount of talent they can show, whether through original music or covers. A recent discussion on Twitter questioned whether K-Pop idols have any covers that are better than the originals.

Here are 10 renditions that netizens believe fit this category.

1. BLACKPINK — “SO HOT” by Wonder Girls

BLACKPINK reimagined “SO HOT” with their 2017 THEBLACKLABEL rendition. Though the original remains legendary, BLACKPINK’s spin had fans impressed with the girl’s singing, dancing, and rapping capabilities.

2. BTS — “Perfect Man” by Shinhwa

Known to some as one of the best covers in K-Pop history, BTS completely transformed into sleeker and sexier (if that’s possible) versions of themselves.

3. ENHYPEN’s Heeseung — “Off My Face” by Justin Bieber

Something about Heeseung’s cover struck a chord with those who listened to his angelic vocals. His soothing voice is enough to make fans and non-fans fall in love.

4. TXT — “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer

Each member of TXT has a unique quality to their voice which fans think fits this song so well. Though not theirs, TXT brings a different energy to the beloved track, and their vocals shine while singing live.

5. ATEEZ — “Rhythm Ta” by iKON

ATEEZ’s version of this song titled “Rhythm Ta (The Awakening of Summer)” was performed for Kingdom: Legendary War. Though fans pay tribute to iKON’s iconic original, ATEEZ’s remix highlighted the group’s immense talent for performing.

6. TREASURE’s Park Jeongwoo & Haruto — “Stack It Up” by Liam Payne (ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

With the perfect combination of Park Jeongwoo’s vocals and Haruto’s rap, it makes sense that this cover received so much love. It even has more views than the original artist…

7. MONSTA X — “Versace On The Floor” by Bruno Mars

MONSTA X’s cover brought out a sensual side in each of the members and slowed down the aggressive musical color that many know them for. Even the main rapper showed off his incredible vocals with ease.

8. BTS — “As I Told You” by Kim Sung Jae

Another BTS cover worthy of recognition is this one. Fans refuse to let this song be overshadowed, and some fans still haven’t moved on from what they believe is a true masterpiece.

9. SEVENTEEN — “Wild Eyes” by Shinhwa

SEVENTEEN’s cover showcases what the group is known best for, incredible synchronization while dancing. It’s almost surreal how perfect they are. Just, wow.

10. ENHYPEN — “Very Good” by Block B

The cover is proof that ENHYPEN can do it all; rap, dance, sing … and as rookies. Fans love this genre for the group and can’t wait to see similar stages in the future.

Source: Twitter