10 K-Pop Dances That Match Perfectly With Another Artist’s Song

Shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur~

K-Pop dances usually take long periods of time to create due to their difficulty and complexity. Artists often need to figure out where to place their movements to match up with the music both physically and thematically.

Sometimes, however, a totally separate song just *happens* to seamlessly fit with the choreography as well! So, let’s take a look at 10 K-Pop dances that match perfectly with another artist’s song:

1. BTS’s “Butter” To “Low” By Flo Rida

When BTS‘s V got almost as low as shawty, it really made us think for a second whether or not they were actually dancing to Flo Rida‘s hit classic!

2. TXT’s “No Rules” to “Boss B!tch” by Doja Cat

TXT knows how to “row row row the boat” like nobody’s business, that’s for sure!

3. Stray Kids’ “Boxer” to “The Real Slim Shady” By Eminem

Maybe the “real slim shady” was Stray Kids‘ Changbin all along?

4. BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” To “Pound The Alarm” By Nicki Minaj

BLACKPINK‘s strong yet feminine charm shines through with their moves, hitting each beat as accurately as possible… which is kind of strange because they aren’t even dancing to “Pound The Alarm”!

5. ATEEZ’s “Wave” To “Everybody” By The Backstreet Boys

From one boy band to another, the choreography for ATEEZ‘s “Wave” works wonders!

6. MONSTA X’s “Dramarama” To “LoveGame” By Lady Gaga

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon has a natural model walk that rivals Lady Gaga on her best days!

7. TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away” To “Treasure” By Bruno Mars

TWICE doing an actual performance to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars would make our dreams come true!

8. SEVENTEEN’s “Very Nice” To “Never Gonna Give You Up” By Rick Astley

Who else can’t believe they’re getting rickrolled by SEVENTEEN in 2021?

9. EXO’s “Monster” To “Shape Of You” By Ed Sheeran

Every little beat of EXO‘s intricate choreography goes extremely well with “Shape Of You”!

10. GOT7’s “Lullaby” To “Toxic” By Britney Spears

We’re absolutely addicted to GOT7 dancing to Britney‘s “Toxic”!

Which combo was your favorite?