10 K-Pop Encore Stages That Were Extra AF

Some of these are just hilarious.

K-Pop encore stages can be quite special, as it can be a special moment between the idols and their fans. Some of these encore stages can be quite extra, as idols just want to give a good laugh to their fans. Here are 10 K-Pop encore stages that were extra AF.

1. TWICE eating ice cubes

2. INFINITE L’s costume

3. WANNA ONE’s Seongwoo getting a new look

4. GFRIEND eating some food on stage

5. Girls’ Generation and their lion mask

6. BTS being playful while being barefoot

7. MAMAMOO eating ramyun

8. SHINee giving Key a makeover

9. SEVENTEEN and their cute socks

10. Red Velvet eating some ice cream

Bonus: Everyone dancing alongside PSY