10 K-Pop “Facts” That Everyone Between The Ages 25–32 Knows

The OG K-Pop fans all know this.

The late ’80s and the ’90s was when K-Pop was a blooming industry. It was full of old-school looks and what seems, in retrospect, like an experimental energy. And those of us in the mid 20’s and early 30’s of our lives will all agree that K-Pop was a whole different game back then.


1. Lim Chang Jung, with his mellow voice and cute face, was one of the ultimate oppas to many, the king of ballads.


2. Turbo‘s Kim Jung Nam, surprisingly enough, was also a oppa to many for this popular rap and as partner in crime to Kim Jong Kook.


3. No one knew how H.O.T. was able to breathe in these furry outfits.


4. Tiger JK and DJ Shine, the duo behind Drunken Tiger, hailed from the U.S. and changed the Korean hip hop scene forever in 1999.


5. The first of the first generation girl groups, S.E.S. was iconic and were called the elves of Korean Music.


6. Lee Hyori was definitely underestimated during her time as a member of Fin.K.L.


7. YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk used to be a backup vocalist and dancer of Seo Taiji and Boys, one of the first groups to create a nationwide fandom.


8. Shinhwa was known for having the best visual of all boy groups.


9. Sechs Kies was the boy group with fun and weird members, including Eun Ji Won and Kang Sung Hoon, whose visuals seem like they’ve frozen in time.


10. Jo Sung Mo was the baby-faced, angel-voiced, loving vocalist of many fangirls’ fantasies.