10 K-Pop Groups With Huge Age Gaps Between The Members

Wait, how old are they?

These 10 K-Pop groups have huge age gaps between the oldest member and the maknae, or the youngest member.

1. Wanna One

Lai Kuanlin (left), Jisung (right)

Oldest Member: Jisung (born 1991)

Youngest Member: Lai Kuanlin (born 2001)

Age Gap: 10 years

2. 2NE1

Minzy (right), Park Bom (left)

Oldest Member: Park Bom (born in 1984)

Younget Member: Minzy (born in 1994)

Age Gap: 10 years

3. Red Velvet

Yeri (right), Irene (left)

Oldest Member: Irene (born in 1991)

Youngest Member: Yeri (born in 1999)

Age Gap: 9 years

4. Pink Fantasy

Aini (left), Heesun (right)

Oldest Member: Aini (born in 1991)

Youngest Member: Heesun (born in 2005) *Note: Former Member*

Age Gap: 14 years

5. f(x)

Victoria (left), Krystal (right)

Oldest Member: Victoria (born in 1987)

Youngest Member: Krystal (born in 1994)

Age Gap: 7 years


Kwon Eunbi (left), Jang Wonyoung (right)

Oldest Member: Kwon Eunbi (born in 1995)

Youngest Member: Jang Wonyoung (born in 2004)

Age Gap: 9 years


Miya (left), Lena (right)

Oldest Member: Miya (born in 1993)

Youngest Member: Lena (born in 2002)

Age Gap: 9 years

8. DIA

Somyi (left), Eunice (right)

Oldest Member: Eunice (born in 1991)

Youngest Member: Somyi (born in 2000)

Age Gap: 9 years

9. g.o.d

Park Joon Hyung (left), Kim Taewoo (right)

Oldest Member: Park Joon Hyung (born in 1969)

Youngest Member: Kim Taewoo (born in 1981)

Age gap: 12 years

10. Real Girls Project

Sori (left), Jane (right)

Oldest Member: Sori (born in 1990)

Youngest Member: Jane (born in 1999)

Age gap: 9 years