10 K-Pop Groups That Are More Popular Internationally Than In Korea

Killing the international game.

These 10 K-Pop groups are killing it internationally, but are sadly not as popular in the domestic market.

1. Stray Kids

Stray Kids is known for having a much stronger international following compared to its local audience. Though they have a sizeable fandom in South Korea, they don’t get as much public recognition as they do in the West. They have had continuously high album sales, but their songs are not as popular with the general public.


KARD is extremely popular in the West, gaining attention for being one of the few co-ed groups in the Korean market. While they had garnered some attention with their pre-debut releases, they are still considered relatively unknown in Korea.


MONSTA X is big internationally, but their popularity in Korea sadly fades. Many Korean netizens have said that the members of the group are more well-known for their physiques rather than their music, specifically member Shownu. They have continued to trend upwards, with each comeback gaining them many new fans, both internationally and domestically.

4. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is huge in Europe and South America, but not as much in Korea. Many think it’s because of their more rock sounding music, which Westerns prefer more than Koreans.

5. GOT7

GOT7 is enormous internationally, but not as much in Korea. Though the boys got a lot of recognition after the US tour was successful, they still seem to have difficulty garnering that similar level of attention when they promote in Korea. Things may get more difficult as they have left JYP Entertainment and have gone to separate agencies.


ATEEZ is so popular internationally that for their first USA tour, they sold out their tickets in 30 minutes. Still, their Korean fanbase doesn’t size up. Though some Koreans were already exposed to them thanks to their pre-debut reality show, they are even more loved abroad.

7. CLC

CLC‘s songs get millions of views and streams on YouTube and Spotify thanks to international fans, but their album sales pale in comparison, and they seem to have difficulty charting on Korean charts.

8. A.C.E

A.C.E appears to be more popular in Latin America, even touring their before. Still, they are not as recognized in Korea, despite how some members appeared on the YG Entertainment survival show MIXNINE.


LOONA‘s international fandom has been joked to being similar to a cult with how loyal they are. They have received numerous awards from Europe and the Americas, but compared to their international accolades, their domestic trophies are a bit behind.

10. NCT

NCT has toured around North America and the world, and appeared on American shows, yet had initial difficulties making the top 20 digital charts in Korea. Many think it’s because the music styles they go for appeal more to the West than in Korea. However recently, their songs have been slowly making their way up the charts.